Friday, 19 December 2008

30 Random Facts About Me

In celebration on my 100th post!

2. I can’t stand the Disney Channel, and anything on it. What happened to the classics?!
3. I hate it when the media turns classics like Journey to the Centre of the Earth into overly computer graphitized (which I’m not sure is a word) movies.
4. I have about 40 manga. I’m serious. I recently ran out of room on my bookshelf.
5. I have absolutely no musical talent, but that’s not stopping me from trying to learn how to play the guitar!
6. My favourite instrument is the bass guitar.
7. Lately, I’m starting to make more guy friends… And less female friends.
8. I love comedy television shows, but most comedy movies get under my skin. I also enjoy deeper, darker, and almost depressing movies, while those type of TV shows bore me.
9. I really don’t watch many movies.
10. English is my best subject.
11. I have this strange freckle on the bottom of my foot… In the same place, on the same foot, as my friend! (We used to be BFFs.)
12. My right hand is really screwed up. Surgery, a strange callous on one finger, some weird bumpy thing on another, and about two months ago I had this hot oil burn on my pinky finger. It’s still scarred red, and the pleats are messed up. O_o
13. I think I have a dark sense of humour…
14. I’ve dyed my hair SO many times… It’s been years since I’ve seen the original colour…
15. I’ve never moved from this house!
16. I want to TRAVEL! It’s my dream.
17. I can’t touch my nose with my tongue.
18. I’ve been asked out four times… But I’ve never had a boyfriend.
19. I don’t really believe in dating as teens… Or at least as such young teens.
20. I don’t like reality shows. Comedy is so much better! I mean, the only reality show I EVER watch is Last Comic Standing! LOL.
21. I’ve gone to about five different schools…
22. I love Hot Topic!
23. One of my friends used to say that I was a vampire ‘cuz I have two sets of freckles right next to another on my face… Hehe.
24. For the life of me, I cannot draw realistic people! I’m stuck with anime for now. ;)
25. I don’t trust people easily…
26. I don’t have a very good self-image… I’m not insecure, though! Not too much, anyways. I’m happy with my body, to say the very least.
27. I make too many lists!
28. This is my second blog. T_T
29. Two words: Easily distra- hey, where are the cookies?!
30. I don’t have too many secrets… But the ones I have are pretty big. To me, at least.


pop*POLKA said...

I know what you mean about the Disney Channel. It makes me all GRRRR-ish.

コートニー said...

Totally. >_<