Sunday, 21 December 2008

Yep, I changed the template!
And, YES, I figured out how to add the comments option! So I don't think I'll go back to my old template, I'm going to stick with templates from
I drew a realistic girl last night! It's supposed to be Chii from Chobits. Feedback? I haven't drawn in this style in 8+ years.
Four days until Christmas! It doesn't feel like Christmas here at all. We don't even have a tree yet! My father and I went to get one yesterday, but it's still in the back of the truck. I put up some lights around the windows in the dining room, and a tiny tree on the table, but that's all the decor in this house. T_T
I wasn't feeling too well, so I didn't go to school last Thursday. Then on Friday we had a snow day (it was blizzardy!). So no more school for two weeks!
Friday my family and I went to see Yes Man. That's actually a pretty good movie! I really liked it.

Movies I want to see:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Day the Earth Stood Still
✓ Yes Man

Have a good Christmas!


Muse Of Randomness said...

I like the new template. It turned out well, especially if you haven't drawn like this in over eight years.

I've done barely any Christmas shopping at all. Holiday spirit is just not my thing.

コートニー said...

Thank you!
I finished my shopping about a month ago. (laugh)
I usually have some Christmas spirit, but I have close to none this year. (*´ο`*)=3 はふぅん

pop*POLKA said...

I love the template! :)
It's awesomeee.

And that movie, Changeling, they were playing that movie in the theaters for only $2 a ticket in New Mexico. But I didn't see it. :(

コートニー said...

Thank you!
Only $2?! O_O -wants to go to New Mexico-

Muse Of Randomness said...

Wow. is everything cheaper in the south?? Or just the movie?

I've a much darker outlook on everything this time of year, it seems. :-/

コートニー said...

LOL, you should see my on Valentines Day! Or worse, homecoming...

K o w a o m o t e said...

Beautiful picture!

コートニー said...

Thank you! <33