Thursday, 25 December 2008

An IM convo I had with my awesome friend Kara...!

Courtney (3:57 PM): This world sucks.
Courtney (3:58 PM): ha, sorry, random
Courtney (3:58 PM): and weird
:.Kara:. (3:58 PM): oh no, i agree... we need a new one, lets go colonize like pluto
Courtney (3:59 PM): yeah! a place where people don't need 'careers,' they can just travel or do whatever they like.
:.Kara:. (3:59 PM): yeah!
Courtney (3:59 PM): there 's just that little oxygen problem...
:.Kara:. (4:00 PM): well... lets try mind over matter! we'll convince ourselves that we dont need oxygen, then when it works we can copyright the idea and be billionaires!
Courtney (4:00 PM): great idea!
Courtney (4:00 PM): if that works, we won't need water, either!
Courtney (4:00 PM): but we need food. 'cuz food rocks.
:.Kara:. (4:01 PM): oh yeah.
:.Kara:. (4:01 PM): we can use our awesome mind power to make it pop out nowhere!
Courtney (4:01 PM): and it won't make us gain weight!
:.Kara:. (4:02 PM): YEAH!!!!!!!!!
Courtney (4:03 PM): I like the sound of this place!
:.Kara:. (4:03 PM): and so we can eat cheesecake all day and never gain a pound!
Courtney (4:03 PM): Yeah!
Courtney (4:03 PM): in fact, we can lose weight by eating cheesecake all day!
:.Kara:. (4:04 PM): yeah!!!!!!!!! !
:.Kara:. (4:04 PM): and we can each have a reeeeeeeeeaaaaal y hot boyfriend
Courtney (4:04 PM): who also have wonderful personalities!
:.Kara:. (4:05 PM): and an ocean where we can swim with all the sharks and everything, but they wont bite us
:.Kara:. (4:05 PM): and the guys will always be telling us how beautiful we look!
Courtney (4:05 PM): and it will never snow!
:.Kara:. (4:05 PM): well maybe once in awhile, but it will be like warm rain!
Courtney (4:06 PM): yeah!
Courtney (4:06 PM): and it will rain a lot, too
Courtney (4:06 PM): and no tornados
:.Kara:. (4:07 PM): just thunderstorms... just loud enough to make our boyfriends worry about us
Courtney (4:08 PM): and beautiful woods without poisonous plants and scary animals
:.Kara:. (4:08 PM): and waterfalls cascading down the rocks
Courtney (4:09 PM): with secret caves behind the waterfalls
:.Kara:. (4:11 PM): and vines that you can swing on
Courtney (4:11 PM): and moss
:.Kara:. (4:11 PM): and snakes... i love snakes
Courtney (4:11 PM): me, too!
Courtney (4:11 PM): and clear, warm rivers with springs
Courtney (4:12 PM): and coconut trees (i forgot what they're called...)
:.Kara:. (4:12 PM): palm trees?
Courtney (4:12 PM): yeah!
:.Kara:. (4:12 PM): and fantabulous sunsets over the water!
Courtney (4:12 PM): and clear night skies with billions of stars and a huge moon
Courtney (4:13 PM): with maybe a few clouds for artistic effect
:.Kara:. (4:13 PM): oh yeah!!!! and miles and miles of sandy beaches
Courtney (4:14 PM): and mountains in the distance
:.Kara:. (4:14 PM): that we climb sometimes
Courtney (4:14 PM): during the summer... and it's warm all year around
Courtney (4:15 PM): well, except for slightly chilly autumn
Courtney (4:15 PM): 'cuz fall rocks
:.Kara:. (4:15 PM): yeah... autumn b/c then our boyfriends will have excuses to hug us
Courtney (4:16 PM): yeah ^_ ^
:.Kara:. (4:16 PM): and we will live happily ever after without algebra or geometry or parents or spinach
Courtney (4:17 PM): it sounds awesome
:.Kara:. (4:17 PM): amazingly awesome
Courtney (4:17 PM): it's gonna take some work to make Pluto like that...
:.Kara:. (4:17 PM): well... yeah
:.Kara:. (4:17 PM): maybe we can hire someone to do it for us- thats how we meet the boyfriends!!!
Courtney (4:17 PM): Yeah!
:.Kara:. (4:19 PM): and they were like working and we brought them mochas
Courtney (4:19 PM): with whipped cream
:.Kara:. (4:19 PM): and sprinkles
Courtney Gregg (4:20 PM): little sprinkles... the sparkly square kind... not the big fat cylindar kind.
Courtney (4:20 PM): those are gross
:.Kara:. (4:20 PM): totally XP
:.Kara:. (4:20 PM): and the mugs have hearts on them
Courtney (4:21 PM): the mugs are cream coloured
:.Kara:. (4:21 PM): yes and the hearts are blue
Courtney (4:22 PM): with light blue swirls in them
:.Kara:. (4:22 PM): oh yes
:.Kara:. (4:22 PM): and our fingers brush with the guys' when we give them to them
:.Kara:. (4:22 PM): (them being the mochas)
Courtney (4:23 PM): and they thank us and I blush and you laugh at me. (i just know that would happen...)
:.Kara:. (4:24 PM): lol! and i ask the guy out
:.Kara:. (4:24 PM): cuz i would do that
Courtney (4:24 PM): and the other guy asks me out
Courtney (4:24 PM): 'cuz I never could
:.Kara:. (4:25 PM): and we all laugh, and i ask the guy what his name is.. b/c i realize i dont know his name but he's my bf
Courtney (4:26 PM): and he laughs and tells you his name, and you tell him your name
Courtney (4:26 PM): then I ask my guy what HIS name is
Courtney (4:26 PM): because it's wrong to have a relationship without knowing the guy's name... XD
:.Kara:. (4:27 PM): TOTALLY! and his name is bob, and i tell him that's a really sexy name. and he laughs really hard
Courtney (4:28 PM): LOL
:.Kara:. (4:28 PM): hey igtg tho!
Courtney (4:28 PM): oh, okay. bye!


Muse Of Randomness said...

Lol. The colonization of Pluto is actually a good idea. xD Dang global warming (which I don't even pay attention to).

Black And Red said...

That place sounds wonderful! Too bad we'll probably never get there. :(

pop*POLKA said...

Bob.... XD