Tuesday, 23 December 2008

This should keep us all thinking...

Watch it. Think about it. Pass it on!
I'm so pumped up right now!
(Seriously, watch it. It will be worth your time, I promise.)

Now some random questions! Because I have nothing better to post!

Do you go to church? Yep!

Do you pray? Every night, and whenever I feel the pressing need to pray for someone.

Do you wear contacts or glasses? Yep. Both. Glasses right now.

Who is your favorite reality TV star? I don't watch reality television. (except for the below one)

What is your favorite reality TV show? Does Last Comic Standing count?

Do you color your hair? Heh, yeah, a lot.

How often do you wear makeup? Eyeliner when I go places. Sometimes eye shadow. That's it.

Describe yourself in three words. A boring girl.

Describe your best friend. What? No word limit? Well, I don't want to go on all day (laugh), so let's just say the best friend anyone could ever have.

What is your favorite thing to wear? Hoodies!

Do you wear jewelry? Just two rings (one being my purity ring) and a cross necklace. Oh, and I'm wearing an anklet right now, too...

What car would you love to buy if you could afford it? Jeep! A Jeep! A real one. Where the top can come down. And it gets all tippy when you take sharp corners.


pop*POLKA said...

YAY for random questions! :)

コートニー said...

YAY! -clapclap-