Monday, 8 December 2008

Well... I was pretty pissed earlier today... On the bus today, one of my classmates saw me sit down next to my guy-friend, and, of course, we received the usual question. "Are you guys going out?" T_T We get asked that a lot. But then, this guy wouldn't shut up! He is SO obnoxious. About ten minutes later he practically shouted, "*bleep* likes Courtney!" (the bleep is my guy-friend's name.) THAT was embarresing. And he kept going on! So I turned around and told him to SHUT UP. That kinda ruined the bus ride. The stupid comment, not what I said. We just kinda sat there... Incredibly embarrassed... Not talking... Well, I'm not sure if he was embarressed, but I'm sure that he was. GAH.
Then, later yet, that same obnoxious guy, after confessing his love to a middle schooler ("TORI! I love you! Tori! Tori! Tori! This is my song to you! [<-- The song on the radio] TORI!") he leaned over the seat and asked my guy-friend, "Is this your song to Courtney?" T_T GREEEAAT. Make an already very uncomfortable bus ride even MORE uncomfortable. Thank you very much!

It was about five minutes later that I realized that that song was a happy break-up song (a guy singing about how much better his life is now that she's gone). 

So... Last Friday I spent the night at Chelsie's with a bunch of my friends (Katie, another Katy, Stacey, and Angel). It was muy fun! We watched a TON of movies (The Outsiders, The Invisible, Kung-Fu Panda, Jeff Dunham, The Simpsons Movie, and Patch Adams. After I left they also watched Jackass unrated... I'm SO glad that I wasn't there when they did! Angel told me that she spent most of the movie looking AWAY.

A cookie for anyone who can guess what movies these pictures are from!


pop*POLKA said...

I can't really guess what that movie is. :(
I barely watch movies anymore. But I want a cookie. XD

コートニー said...

Ah, since nobody comments besides you, the movies are The Outsiders (top) and The Invisible (bottom). Two of my favourite movies!

pop*POLKA said...

I have been wanting to see The Outsiders for a long time.

And I feel special for being the only one who comments. XD

コートニー said...

The Outsiders is really good!
Haha... It can be a little annoying. I would like feedback from other people! But thank you very much for commenting. ^-^

Muse Of Randomness said...

Didn't have a clue. I don't watch very many movies anymore, either.

The girl on the bottom has... Familiar hair... Odd...

And I know how you feel with that one obnoxious guy... People like that drive me insane, especially since I know so many.

コートニー said...

Ugh. Most of my class is obnoxious! The guys, at least. The girls are just patronizing. (I'm thinking of popular people...)
Familiar hair? Really? I love her hair... But if you watch the movie, how the heck does she fit all that under one little hat?! Haha.

Muse Of Randomness said...

My class is better than it was last year, junior high is much better than elementary. I still don't get along with populars, though. I stand out too much.

I don't know how, it just seems familiar... And perhaps there's some special thing about the hat. but i can't get my hair in a hat either. T.T

コートニー said...

In my experience, jr. high is the best. I don't like high school... But then again, I am starting to like it a little more than before. I wouldn't say that I don't get along with the populars, they just ignore me. But when they do talk to me, -or even just smile- it seems patronizing. Incredibly annoying.

That hat... My friends keep trying to figure it out... Haha. I don't understand it either, since it's a tight knit hat! O.o I can't fit all of my hair into one of those either, and I have a lot less hair than that girl!

Muse Of Randomness said...

This is my first year of jr high and I like it much more than elementary. I'm friends with maybe... One popular person,and not very well.

I couldn't either. But I have a lotta hair.