Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Yeah... Well, my internet is down. Partly. I can get on websites, but I can't do some things... Like reply to messages on dA or browse through art on dA, or check my page on dA... Yeah, I want to be on dA.
Like always, there is nothing going on. Really. Unless you want to hear about my Bio and Health tests! ...Yeah. Didn't think so.
Hmm...! Maybe I'll go on a walk. After I get some food! I'm hungry!
~Basketball Court

Hey! There's a story right there, in my signature!
Today in History class, we did a reiactment (major spelling issues!) of Ellis Island. It was actually pretty fun! We went through three stations... One where they looked at our "birth certificate" (which we created in three minutes before we went down to the Media Center) and gave us a new name. T_T I was... Basketball Court! What kind of name is that?! Of course, I suppose it is better than what my male friend's name was changed to... Michelle! XDDD
Then, after they stole most of my "money" at the currency exchange station, I went to the, eh, station where they see if you're healthy. I refused to do the chicken dance, so I was quarentined. T_T ...And that is the story behind that strange signature!


pop*POLKA said...

Michelle... Very funny! :D

コートニー said...

LOL, yeah! This just may become his new nickname... -evil laughter-

pop*POLKA said...

>:-3 (evil face)