Sunday, 18 January 2009

I have two buddies!

My Kaoru buddy (Muse) and my sushi buddy (Pop*Polka)! XD

I made pie! Yay! My mother's friend gave us homemade apple sauce (DELICIOUS) and apple pie filling. So now I have a yummy-looking apple pie... And I'm not hungry at all. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!

Okay, last night I saw two of the best movies I've seen in a long time: Edward Scissorhands and Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.


Young Johnny Depp. It doesn't even look like Johnny Depp!
I want my own Edward! And NOT Cullen. NEVER Cullen. >_<

Lord of the Rings:

I am in LOVE with the world that this is set in. I love medieval fantasy worlds so much! Worlds like in this movie, and Mabinogi and Kino no Tabi... ~

We started The Two Towers today, just the first hour and a half. We have the extended versions of the last two Lord of the Rings movies, and they're soo long... Two discs! O_O

Read this.
NOW. It's so funny, and so true! Those Anti-Twilight will love it... I'm not sure about the fangirls, though.

Eyes hurt... Need to... Pull self away... From computer...


Muse Of Randomness said...

Ahhh yes... Kaoru. :DD I need to go read some more Ouran.

I can't cook at all, excluding rice and microwavable food.

The Lord of the Rings movie are pretty good, my mom had them for ages and I wasn't really into them, but we watched part of the Twin Towers a few weeks ago in first period and I think I have new appreciation for them.

Johnny Depp! *squee* I have never seen Edward Scissorhands, unfortunately, but I would definitely love to if I got the chance. I've seen Corpse Bride and part of Sweeney Todd (couldn't bring myself to finish that), and they look really good. So Edward Scissorhands is something I need to watch here soon. (I back you on the "never Edward Cullen" if I had to have an Edward it'd be Edward Elric. He somehow amuses me.)

My bet is that Twilighters will try to "stab us with pencils" if they see that post. I never realized just how many times in one flakkin' book that "unparalled beauty" (or something like that) could be described. She must be in love with her own character.

コートニー said...

You should definitally see Edward Scissorhands! It is so good!
Yeah, Twilight is utterly ridiculous. I just never realized to what degree it was until I read that post. O_o

pop*POLKA said...

I love Edward Scissorhands! I need to see it again. And I need to see Lord Of The Rings. O: