Thursday, 15 January 2009

I stayed home from school today... I didn't feel too well this morning. I feel fine now. Nothing to do... Feeling kinda guilty... I should have gone. Too late now, I guess.
I was really hoping for a snow day this week... But noooo, we must go to school, even if we're the only school in the county open! -sticks out tongue at school superintendent-
The other day we were let out ten minutes early! ...Then our bus backed into another bus. So we ended up getting home at the same time, if not later.
I'm going bowling with my family this Friday! Tomorrow. Then I'm going grocery shopping with my mother. I'm excited! :P


pop*POLKA said...

I like bowling, but I haven't gone in like...forever. :P

コートニー said...

Yeah... We actually didn't end up doing that. >_< Too many people... So we just ate there. Grrr...