Thursday, 29 January 2009

I just took some photos around my house... Enjoy~!


Ouran!! On my closet door. Does anyone else think that the twins look kind of demented here...?

Heheheh... My closet! A different one from the above photo. And a TV... Yay! It isn't hooked up to the cable, but I don't mind! I can only watch movies.

My mother calls this my "I Dream of Jeanie" bed.

...We still have our tree up... But in our defence, we put it up three days before Christmas!

Ugh... It's a wasteland out there...

I love this bag to death!

That's it for now!
Later I'll post last Saturday in photos.


Muse Of Randomness said...

Cats... Cats are evil. Or at least mine was. That poster of L is on my photobucket account somewhere... And the twins worry me in that picture. At least you have a closet. xD

Ahhh Christmas tree. It's nice to leave them up. But we have kids around the house. :/

Our place looks kida like that outdoors. More trees though.

コートニー said...

My cat is evil, too. <_< >_>
Haha, yeah,Photobucket account. Yay Photobucket!

pop*POLKA said...

I like your closet!
My closet is filled with JUNK! DX

o_O Snow... I want snow! It's always hot outside.

Maybe I'll clean my room and take some pictures when I get my camera back from my dad.

And I've always wanted a cat. My mom always said no when I asked. She's not a cat person.

pop*POLKA said...

When I said "It's always hot outside.", I meant to say "where I live" afterwards.

It's hot outside where I live.
^^^^What I meant to say^^^^

コートニー said...

Really? All this snow sucks. It would be fine if it was only a month or two, but we have soooo many months of winter wasteland... And one of the months consists of mush. >_<
Haha, my closest used to be soooo messy, but I organized it last summer, and it has manged to stay clean! -clapclap-

pop*POLKA said...