Thursday, 29 January 2009

Genaro had the greatest idea today!
Get ready for it... -deep breath-
Traffic signals in the hallway!
No, seriously, it's a good idea! Have you seen the halls at my school? No, you haven't! So you don't get to shoot down my ideas just like that! ...Okay, Genaro's idea, but I contributed!

Genaro: I hate these halls.
Courtney: Yeah, me too. They're so crowded! They, like, need to make them wider! (hand gestures)
Genaro: No, stop signs!
Courtney: Yeah! Totally! And lanes so people won't walk on the left side... I hate that. (starts babbling but shuts up immediently.) And speed limits. But that would only work if they gave tickets...
Genaro: They probably wouldn't listen to them if they didn't give tickets. Like, they could put a light on the top of their head when they do it.
Courtney: XDDD

Oh, wow. Just now I was looking out the kitchen window and I saw my dog, Kobe. Big black dog. In the distance my other dog, Mattie, ran by. I thought nothing of it. Then Kobe ran by, right behind Mattie. O_O I looked at the Kobe closest to me. Still there. And so was the one in the distance.
Turns out that the closer one was just some dog that ran away. It was so weird, though! XD I wanted to go check its tags, but I didn't really want to interact with a stray dog... Especially one of that size.

I love this....



Michelle said...

XDD wow, nice vid thats hilarious

Muse Of Randomness said...

Oh Lord. I posted that on my blog a while back.

It's so addicting, I've watched it sooooo many times. I have the song on my playlist and I squeal "Fai" almost every time I hear it.

We need something that stops fights in our halls. Whatever that could be, I've no clue.

コートニー said...

Oh! I knew I saw it somewhere... I just came across it again on YouTube a few days ago... I could not remember where I saw if first...
It IS addicting! I also listen to it over and over. :D
Fights? Really? We don't have actual fights, it's just incredibly crowded and hard to walk. >_< Why must people be so slow?!