Sunday, 15 February 2009

Time goes by...

I was pretty sick the last few days, but I feel much better now!
I went shopping yesterday, but all I bought was a skirt, a book, and some candy (which I just finished).
This morning when I woke up, the sky looked brilliant! Deep blue sky with fog surrounding the earth below.

Isn't it beautiful?

I came across some money yesterday... Well, I did some chores and my dad gave me the remainder of his Vista gift card from Christmas because there was only about $6 on it. So when I came home from shopping, I bought Gatekeepers by Robert Liparulo on with the gift card my uncle gave me for Christmas (I get so many of those! :D). After that, my mother surprisingly let me bid on eBay on this awesome Mokona plush (below)! Isn't it cuute? Six inches, the size of what I would think the real Mokona (if Mokona were real) would be! And I may be able to buy for a very cheap price if no one else bids.


Yeah, Moko-chan is my second favourite character, Fai being my first, of course.
-goes off to watch Tsubasa-


Donald said...

Hey, I was going to watch start watching Tsubasa as well, but all I can find is dubbed rigth at the moment, if I cant find anything else then Ill just watch it anyway...

Ps. Nice pics =D

Muse of Randomness said...

O_O Not kermit. Nooo! *horror*

Those are very beautiful.

Aww it's so cute. :3 I wish my dad would let me on Ebay...And rofl at the video, I love Mokona. And like right at 15 seconds you can hear fai's theme... geez why do I notice these things. -_-

pop*POLKA said...

The pictures are beyoooootiful.