Thursday, 19 March 2009

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Back from vacatiiiion!

Yeah, I went to Kissimee, Florida (aka Tourist City!) for a week. Sorry for not posting a warning! I didn't really want to leave a huge sign saying "MY HOUSE WILL BE EMPTY FOR A WEEK!"


I was going to upload a bunch of photos/videos from my trip, but... I think those would be pretty boring. =_= And I don't feel like it. Way too many.

...DANGIT. I have to go. To the docter's. Then to my bff Kaity's house (with Angel and Nudge-chan!) =_=

More later!

PS. Is the header of this blog all weird for everyone, or is it just me?


Donald said...

lol so thats where you dissapeared off to. Im kinda jealous...and yeah the header is weird, its not there for me...

Courtney said...

I thought you weren't reading me blog?

pop*POLKA said...

How was the weather in Florida?

And the header... is not showing for me. It says, "Bandwidth Exceeded" or something.

Muse of Randomness said...

So that's where you were... What was it like?

Same as Pop*POLKA. I keep getting all these "bandwith exceeded" on the left hand side of the blog.

Diak said...

Yea, what was it like? An differences with other states?

Courtney said...

Yeah, I'm getting a "bandwidth exeeded," also. TT_TT But I loved this template!!!

Yeah, here the temperature is around 20 to 40 (no more than 40!) degrees Fahrenheit, and in Florida it was 70 to 90!!!

(20 F = -7 C
40 F = 4 C
70 F = 21 C
90 F = 32 C)


But yeah, it was great. Very weird, stepping outside and not being hit by a blast of cold air!
But the weather isn't too bad here, either. ^^

Courtney said...

No, Donald, you DID leave a comment (three now!), but I deleted them because I don't need the entire freaking world knowing exactly what town I live in!

Donald said...

my bad...ill stop commenting now...