Saturday, 21 March 2009

Day burns down to night,
Burns the edge of my soul.
In the night
I break into sparks of suns
And become fires in a dust of bones
Night knifes
My breath swallows whole my tongue
Turn back
Reverse return
In the night I see the real
Concealed in the day's bright lie
Eyes stitched shut
White teeth smile
Sleep walks and talks
And feet mark time of day

One: Yes, template change. I didn't want to, but the old one did that weird bandwidth thing. >_< Two: I love the poem above! It's from one of my favourite movies, The Invisible.

Okay, I'll talk about my vacation a bit.
Yes, we stayed in a town near Orlando, in a lovely condominium (my uncle has a time share).
This was the first time flying in an airplane! It was really cool. Personally, I find the tiny suburbs incredibly funny. They're just in neat rows, looking very similar... It's not something I can really explain, it's just funny! (As funny as the town in Edward Scissorhands... Actually, that is more sad than happy...)

On Sunday we attempted to go to Cocoa Beach, but we didn't get to the actual beach due to some parking issues... There was a shuttle launch that night and everyone was there!!! But it was okay, we stopped at the side of a highway to this little area that is basically trees, some sand, and ocean. I found a dead crab! Then we went back to the condo and watched the shuttle there. It was freaking cool! The smoke (is that the word?) that the shuttle left behind was so pretty!
Oh, and on our way to Cocoa Beach (Coco is my nickname!), we drove on Courtenay Parkway (pronounced the same as Courtney). It was perfect! I wanted to take a photo of Courtenay Parkway, but by the time I asked, we had already drove past all the signs. (u_u)

Monday we went to Universal Studios, which was okay. I loved the Simpsons ride, though! Angel and Nudge, who went two months ago, thought it was stupid, but my family liked it. ^_^

The Magic Kingdom was on Tuesday, which I did not like. It's more for younger kids, I guess. The two things that really stick out in my mind from that park was 1) the HORRIBLE 'Small World' ride, and 2) the hot Asian guy that stood in front of me in line for the Haunted Mansion ride. XD

And finally, my mother and I went to Epcot on Wednesday! It was... Awesome! Japan, China, and the UK were my favourited. Cananda was quite boring. Probably because I live so close to it, our culture is basically the same! And by "culture," I mean the fact that the stores there consisted mostly of maple syrup, stuffed moose in hunting clothes, and warm wool hats. We have a ton of stores like that where we live (maybe just a little up north).

I'm not finished moving into this new template yet, I still have to figure out how to get that stupid Navbar gone and some other stuff. So please be patient!

There are some really cute Ristsuka-kun cosplay on Photobucket... Like this one, and this one. (kyaa!)
I bought volume one of Loveless last week. I love it!

Okay, sorry for cutting off, but I have to go!


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Courtney said...

Sounds very interesting, I love art. You should check out It's an amazing website, made for artists to not only post their work, but make friends and become a part of the community. I can't tell you how many wonderful friends I have made on that site!
Anyway, thank you for commenting on my blog, and I will most definitely check yours!

Diak said...

'Small World' ride ^_^

Seventeen said...

NO. Do NOT make that smiley by those three words! That ride was straight out of my nightmares. >_<

pop*POLKA said...

I want to see The Invisible.
I've always wanted to. XD

And the first time I flew in an airplane, I was all by myself. >.<
But I made a friend on the plane. Can't remember her though.

I love theme parks. Like Universal Studios. But I've only been to the one in California. And I love the Small World ride! I love it with a capital "L"! *laughs*

LOL, hot Asian guy. XD

I want to go to Epcot! It seems EPIC. EPIC EPCOT. >:3