Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Cinema Bizarre

Yes, I realize that I have posted about Cinema Bizarre before. But today on the bus I was once again struck by how amazing their lyrics are.

That name sums up perfectly this five piece Berlin based band.
The individual look, the explosive shows and the glamour of the movies tied in with a sound that refuses to be pigeonholed. First and foremost there is the music: Synthpop, New Wave, Electro, Rock and Pop merges into some kind of Glamorous Pop.
But CINEMA BIZARRE is not only meant to be heard but also to be seen. Look into their universe, these guys have a passion for visuality. Addicted to fashion, inspired by the Japanese youth culture Visual Kei, the boys pull off a package full of androgynity, desire and controversy since their theme is STYLE IS WAR.

Seriously, their music is amazing. It's not something that can be told right away, you have to listen to them over and over... Then you start to begin to understand. Their music, or at least the songs I own, consist of mostly metaphors. Sometimes the entire song is a metaphor. Their lyrics are something that don't make sense... But at the same time, they do. My favourite words of theirs would be from their song 'After the Rain.'

"What happened to my eyes, incapable of seeing size..."

Another great example is the chorus of 'Angel in Disguise':

Angel in disguise -
you save my soul

But you make my heart go blind
My devils rage inside -
just can't let go

Cause it feels so right

You make my heart go blind

Their videos are amazing as well:
Lovesongs (I like his cane... :3 (I refuse to call it a pimp stick! D:))
Forever or Never
Escape to the Stars (My favourite part is Kiro staring out the window longingly...)


In other news... There is none. But I noticed that certain people are putting a Wall of Icons on their blogs... And they're awesome. So I will follow in this trend, if you do not mind!


Muse of Randomness said...

AWESOME BAND. I just went to playlist and listened to some songs. My favorite is Lovesongs (They Kill Me). Right when I saw the picture at the top of the page my first thought was Japan and Visual Kei (love GazettE). Guess I wasn't too incredibly far off. Didn't expect Germany though. ^^"

Courtney said...

I'm buying some of their songs on iTunes right now. Heheh. ^_^ They are actually oktaku, which I find amazing! :D They met each other at an anime con (and online). I can't wait for their new album, Toyz. It comes out this spring. ^_^

Muse of Randomness said...

I have no iTunes. In desperate need of one (my classmates would all hate my music xD. Rap and/or country fans). An otaku band, eh. I was wondering how they got to be a visual kei band from Germany. Yeah, I wikipedia'd them like I do everything, and saw there was a new album coming out. I bet it'll be just as amazing ^-^

Courtney said...

No iTunes?! Why not? It's free to download... Songs cost $$$, of course.
I wonder what anime they watch...

Muse of Randomness said...

Oh. I don't have an iPod or nothing, and my Dad would never ever ever let me since he doesn't seem to trust the internet and crap. He wouldn't even let me get a blog. >.<

I want to know what anime they watch as well. Hopefully something good. xD

Courtney said...

No iPod?! :O
(So your blog is a secret?)

I read that Kiro is a fan of Sailor Moon... Other than that, I don't know. Though, really, Sailor Moon is kind of... Anti-climatic. Being all wearing black, playing upbeat music with very poetic lyrics... I wouldn't guess that he likes Sailor Moon. xD (Although, actually, Kiro usually wears white. :D)