Thursday, 5 March 2009


One more day left for exams! I don't think I did too well in Algebra, but I knew almost all of the answers for my History test.

My Mokona plushie finally came! (w00t!)
I have sand in my sandals. How the heck did that happen? :/
Back to Mokona Modoki!

So cute. ^_^ I plan on taking Mokona on the airplane with me next week... That's right! I'm leaving for Florida in ONE WEEK! I can't believe how soon it is! I heard something about our plane stopping in Detroit, I hope it happens! Just because I saw a video of David Archuleta in this awesome tunnel at the Detroit Metro Airport! It changes colours!

Back to exams. (Sorry, I keep skipping around!) We were let out earlier, at 12:35. So Kaity's mom took me home (I'm am so greatful!). And Nudge invited me over to her house tomorrow. ^^ I hope everyone else can come, this will be fun!

I'm kind of saddish right now... Just at my complete lack of social skills. There's this guy in my Algebra class, sempai, who always speaks softly and kindly to me. I don't know why, probably because I'm the silent/shy girl. It's odd because he's always yelling out jokes (which are almost always funny, even the teacher laughs) during class. He's only talked to me a few times, but when he does (very kindly), I'm usually too surprised or flustered to say much of anything. I don't like the boy! I just wish that he could see my real personality. Because he's a really cool guy... But I'm just that way, I guess.
Whoops. Back to happier things!

I think I developed a new fetish for guys with long hair. >_> Long black hair, that is.
Question: What's your fetish?

I like doing these question things.
I do have another one. It's kind of embarrassing, though.

These drawings were actually based on real people... Though in the end result, the only thing resembling them is their hairstyle. The first one is an eight grader who rides my bus, and the second was from this really attractive guy at school. (Yes, that is a boy.)

I'm smelling a Plantation Mint tea bag... It smells sooo good. The water is taking forever to boil!

PS. Oh, my gosh, Strify is so freaking hot with black hair!
Just scroll through this page, there are more as you go down.
(He's the lead singer for Cinema Bizarre, by the way.)


vanessa said...

beautiful plushie ^w^

Courtney said...

Thanks. ^^ I bought it on eBay for only $8! What a steal. :D

Muse of Randomness said...

Only $*!?!? Wow. And guys with long black hair are awesome. ^_^ And Strify seems sooo incredibly different without makeup!

Muse of Randomness said...

I meant $8. *facepalms*

Courtney said...

Yeah, eight bucks!!! Insane. The other ones I found on an anime site were $20+.
He does look like a completely different person without make-up! とても かわいい~
He's kind of beautiful.

pop*POLKA said...

My fetish is....
Is a secret.

Courtney said...

Aww, please? -puppy-dog eyes-