Monday, 9 March 2009

How Does it Feel?

Imagination baby can take you far
Don't be afraid to come off slightly bizarre

The words above are my philosophy for my high school life. I want to be strange, stand out from the crowd, and be me. Right now I just dress kind of gothy. Because I don't have enough diverse clothes (because I do have plenty of clothes!) to really do much with them. I have waaay too many T-shirts.


But soon I hope I'll be able to dress in a way that is kind of... A mix of Visual Kei, gothic Lolita, and just plain me
(By the way! Those purple words are from the lyrics of Cinema Bizarre's Get Off. See why I like that band so much?)
On the bus, just half an hour ago, two eighth grade girls (who dress "scene") just looked at me, I think one girl mouthed something when I wasn't looking, and just burst out laughing. For about thirty seconds. Then did it again. When I said "What?" they wouldn't tell me (of course). I'm going to assume that it either has something to do with my clothes or my makeup. Or perhaps they were just trying to make me feel insecure (I've done that before, when I was younger). If so, it worked... For a split second. Then I was just like... "They are so stupid!" Seriously, those girls annoy me. One of them is a total bee-otch. The second isn't as bad... Well, she never asked me if I cut myself, at least. >_>

I want those boots sooo badly! (>_<) I'm in love with fashion! And those boots would make me complete... As complete as shoes can make you, at least. And these boots would make me more complete than any other boots could. (What, are you in love with these things?!)'

I kind of want to get a hair straightener. Because lately my hair has become very wavy and frizzy and out of control! And I love straight hair. What happened to my lovely straight hair?!
(Maybe some sort of hair product will fix it...)

I ♥ shounen ai..



treewalker said...

finally someone who agrees with me :)

Courtney said...

The whole being different thing? Cool! :D

Oh, wait a second... You're Ayla, aren't you?! Wow!

Muse of Randomness said...

Those lyrics are to live by. And I dislike stereotyping with a passion. It doesn't bother me to be called emo, unless people start assuming I'm a cutter. I don't even act emo. =_=

I lost my hair straightener. I haven't seen it in a month or so. Sucks. And shonen-ai is great xDDD.

Courtney said...

Totally. I play that song when I'm trying to figure out what to wear the next day. People call me goth a lot, and a few times emo, but I've never actually had someone ask me if I cut before I met that girl... She is so freaking rude! I was just sitting on the bus, staring ahead, when she said, "Do you cut?" And made slicing motions with her arm on her wrist. I was just like, "O_O What kind of question is that?!"

I found a hair product that makes hair less frizzy, out of control, and straighter. But it's $20! I only have $23. u_u
Last night I started watching 'Loveless.' Apparently, that is a shounen-ai anime. I had no idea! xD

Muse of Randomness said...

I pick out clothes depending on my mood. Sometimes I kinda coordinate it with the current song stuck in my head, because there always is one. I get asked if I cut by my classmates, mostly guys. I've showed them my unscarred wrists but they still ask.

Heheh, that's $23 ore than I have. And I'd heard of Loveless but I never knew that either... The only shonen-ai/Yaoi manga I'd known was Gravitation, but there are definitely more.

treewalker said...

yep, its me, i'm back :)

pop*POLKA said...

Shonen-ai is awesome!