Sunday, 8 March 2009

One quick post before bed!

One: Cinema Bizarre will be in my state at the end of this month!!!!!! O_O Only two hours away! -faint-
The bad news? My mother gets out of work too late, so we would miss part of the show, my mother also has to help out at church on that day, and the tickets are probably sold out by now.
-faints again-

Two: My mom still refuses to let me bleach my hair... But she will let me get my nose pierced! Where's the logic in that?

Three: Again, Cinema Bizarre! They have t-shirts. One of them is sold at Hot Topic. Sweet! (Only $20.)

Four: Only five more days until I go to Florida! I need to start packing... There's so much to bring!

Five: Dangit, what was five...? Oh, right! I did my make-up kind of Visual Kei-ish... It looked sweet! I'm going to do it regularly... I'll post a photo tomorrow... If I remember to charge my camera battery...

I think that's it. Of course, once I'm in my room I will remember three other things I forgot to write about. :/ Oh, well, I suppose it can't be helped.
New trimester tomorrow! W00t!


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