Monday, 23 March 2009

Oh, my gosh. This is freaking brilliant! I was actually in tears! (I think I nearly died due to lack of oxygen.)
Dane Cook is hilarious.


Diak said...

Dane Cook rock! btw ive this on dvd :P, the full thing can be found in google's video

Diak said...

ah and btw dunno why, he always reminds me of my bro

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

I LOVE Dane Cook!! Have you seen the one with the Athiest? So Goddamn funny (excuse the pun ;P)!

Seventeen said...

Yeah, the athiest one is really funny. "...Make him into paper, and print the Bible on him!"

Diak: DVD? Sweet! I'm definitely Googling it now. ^^
Your brother must be awesome! Dane Cook is incredibly charismatic, it would be cool to have a brother that resembled him is some sort of way (even if you don't know what way XD).