Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Way We Are

No hiding
No faking
This life can be amazing
You want it
You need it
Beware! It's so contagious

Oh, man, those lyrics are so true.
That kind of life is something that I greatly desire, more than anything else.
When Luminor sings, I'm always like "Oh, yes!"
(Luminor sings the part up there.)
You can listen to the entire song here,
or try to find it on my playlist.

I'm reading the German official Cinema Bizarre site, translated with Google. It's actually translated pretty well!

You may notice that I now post comments as "Seventeen." Don't ask. I have a whole thing with that name, but basically, I was just sick of my real name. =_=

I have so many movies to watch! On Friday we stopped at the video store, then we went again because my mother forgot to pick something up for this Sunday school class she teaches.
Movies to watch:
Max Payne
Castle in the Sky
Guess Who
Robots (Hey, she forgot to bring it!!!)
House, MD Season 3 (okay, not a movie, but I still will watch it!)

So many! And... I still have homework to do. >_<
I think I'll do my English here!

A man walking down the crowded street
Just another person living his life.
He stops to look in a window
then continues on his way.
But wait... What is he...?
Without warning, the man turns around
and sprints toward the glass.
He doesn't stop;
he flies right into it.
It shatters into tiny shards,
each glistening in the sun as they soar.
And the man just stands right up,
brushes his pants off,
and continues on his way.
...If only something like that could happen.

Does anyone know?


teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

Is that Laputa, Castle in the Sky? Awesome film, seriously. I want to see it again (was distracted last time ¬.¬).

Do you know what those three things have in common? They all contain vowels? Or eat people if left alone long enough?

Seventeen said...

Laputa, yeah. It looks very good, and now I think I'll watch that as soon as I get off the internet. :D
And as for the picture, it's basically you get it or you don't. They're from Naruto: the Abridged Series. (I have the audio of one of the episodes on my playlist over there.) It's freaking hilarious, even if you haven't seen or don't like Naruto, I really recommend it!

Seventeen said...

...And I'm scared to know how a log would eat someone... ¬_¬

Diak said...

eatin someone...

Muse of Randomness said...

I'm not sure, but they seem to all be running gags in the abridged series, I watched part of it on YouTube.

Seventeen said...

What do you mean by "gags"?