Monday, 20 April 2009


In answer to your questions, yes, I had a great time at the concert!

My mum took for-ev-er to get out of the house. And into the car. And, finally, out of the driveway. >_> I think if we stop at a gas station, it should at least be 7-11... They have good slushies. TT_TT
When we got there, the lady at the entrance made me dump my mother's coffee (because, for some reason, I had been elected to carry it). She wasn't too happy about that. Then we found some seats, but they were way up in the nosebleeds (which, I found out, has nothing to do with hentai xD), but that made my mum dizzy (not to mention me), so she left us to find a lower seat (even though the good seats were all taken). After a few minutes, Kaity and I (did I mention that I went with Kaity?) went down to find lower seats, too (I don't like heights...), but we couldn't find any! We ended back up in the nosebleeds anyway, but somehow on the other side of the... Whatever that huge room is called (I'm at a loss for words right now).

Later, after Hawk Nelson, we went down to get Pepsi. When we were about to get in line, I heard "I love your shirt!" I was just like, "Eh? Wha- who?" So the guy called it out again, looking directly at me (and my GIR shirt of awesomeness). That made me happy (I replied with a "Thanks!" and a big Sora grin xD). He was kinda cute, with a faux-hawk. (Okay, okay, getting back to the subject!)

Umm... Not much happened after that. My mom called me and we met her in some better (lower!) seats. I did some jumping (umm... That's relevant because I'm not a jumper, a screamer (shuddup, you know what I mean!), or anything of that sort). Aaand that was about it.

I was going to talk about something else... But now my mother is yelling at us to go to bed, so I had better go. (sigh)

I was going to upload some pictures, but this computer hates me.


Donald said...

rofl! this post was funny! Glad you had fun. lol Sora grin, nice one! I cant pull that off for some reason... .....must...not...poke lol jk

pop*POLKA said...

My computer hates me too.
But I think if I keep telling it that I love it, it'll start to like me.