Thursday, 16 April 2009

FF vs. IE

...Not to bring up that whole FF vs. IE thing again, but...
I just wanted you peoples who surf with Internet Explorer to do this...
Look at my blog with Firefox!
Just once!

Because I just looked at it with IE, and... >_> Half the sidebar was gone. The cbox! The icons! GONE! :O
So anyway, you see that little image over there <--- ? Click on it. Make it big! That's how the precious sidebar is supposed to look!

In other news, I'm going to a concert with my bff Kaity tomorrow! I forgot what the tour is called, but the bands that are playing are Hawk Nelson (Kaity's absolute favourite!), Jeremy Camp, and MercyMe. I might take a few videos, I dunno, we'll see. :D

Oh! I'm going to watch the FFVII: The Advent Children movie... I have it on D~V~D~! Actually, it's some library's, but I ordered it and it is now in MY posession! (cue evil laughter)

I think... If I had a computer in my room, I would never leave it. I mean, I keep food in there as it is, I have an entire freaking library in there, not to mention an old TV and DVD player. Heheh. That would be awesome.


Donald said...

All I got is IE, I cant view it in anything else >.< Oh! nice your going to wtch Advent Children? Sweet, I think its kind of cool but pointless to the story, but they have a little miny video on there to watch the overview of the other game so you can understand whats happening better. Sorry, huge FF7 fan lol, I got Crisis Core too, what happened before the original I just need my ff7 game back from Fetus....

Ink said...

I think that FF is by FAR better then IE. =]

and oh I hope you have fun at the concert!
will this be the first time you've seen Hawk Nelson in concert?


Donald said...

Hawk Nelson, I think I went to a concert with my youth group and Hawk Nelson was there....

Diak said...

I loved FF7AC, truly amazing movie

Diak said...

By the way I'am downloading Mabinogi, can you give me your in-game contact info, like server/realm and your character's name.

pop*POLKA said...

My mother went to go see that concert...
I think the title of it had the word, "worship" in it.
I want to see the FF movie so BAD.

My computer's in my room.
I do and don't like that.
The reason I like it is that I can watch anime and have privacy of what I'm doing on the computer (I DON'T LOOK AT PORN! *nervous laugh*)

The bad thing is that everyone is always in my room ON THE COMPUTER. >_<

Seventeen said...

Diak: I just watched FFAC, it was awesome!
I have two characters, but I mainly play with Kino:

Name: Esami
Server: Tarlach

Name: Kino
Server: Alexina
I'm so happy that you're downloading it! I won't be able to play it for two weeks, though. >_> I was kinda grounded...

Pop*Pola: Oh! Yeah, it's called The Rock and Worship Roadshow. Tons of fun! :D
Oh, man, that would suck to have people in your room. I couldn't do that at all.

Ink: Hawk Nelson was really good! Yeah, that was my first time (first real concert, really). :D

Donald said...

I love FF7AC I own it and my friend Jason always wants to watch it... and why were you grounded? That really sucks lol

Ink said...

oh how was it??
did you have fun??


Muse of Randomness said...

Concert sounds fun. I've never been to one before. *gasp* So there IS supposed to be something else there! Well snap. I don't like switching browsers, and I don't like the font mine acqquires in FF.

Advent Children is one of my favorite movies evereverever. Same here with the computer.