Friday, 24 April 2009

Listening to: It's Not My Time (3 Doors Down)
Reading: Inkheart
Watching: Parks and Recreation
Drinking: Green Kool-Aid! (I think it's lime)

I'm probably going to be on haitus for awhile, but I managed to get on now, so I'll post. :)
There really isn't much to talk about. We had an interesting discussion about love in English, I'm going to help with spring cleaning at church tomorrow, and I'm listening to Pandora Radio right now.

I slipped in the grass when I got off the bus. I was trying to run around the trees so I could pick some Daffodils, but... I slipped. >_> At least my skirt isn't grass stained!

Lunch was great yesterday. xD I stayed for both B and C lunch* (okay, half of B and all of C). I did miss the food Kaity brought from her foods class (Holleigh kept going on about how good it was... GAH), but Kenny gave me a chocolate bar, and I was able to spend lunch with my BFFs (bffs being Nudge and Angel... But they're not my only best friends!)! And Stacey... Oh, man, Stacey. She had a package of mini donuts, and near the end of lunch she just started rubbing it on Katy's arm affectionately... In a way that made it look SO wrong (kind of like the time she kept rubbing her leg on ours randomly under the table... O_o). When Katy asked what the HECK she was doing, Stacey replied, "I'm rubbing my 'nuts on you."
...Yeah, well, you can probably imagine the kind of conversation THAT started.

Oh, sorry about the mega-long post below. u///u
OMG! We have ice cream! I totally forgot!


*At my school, we have three lunches: A, B, and C. Each are about ten minutes apart from each other, and what teacher you have third hour (which is the lunch hour) depends on what lunch you have. If you have A lunch, you go directly to the cafeteria, and when lunch is over you go to third hour. If you have B, you go to class, go to lunch, then go back to class (I have B right now). If you have C, you have to sit through an entire class hour THEN go to lunch.

It just never gets old. XD


Donald said...

I love the song its not my time, I listen to it everyday on the bus! (Then again I only have 11 songs...) Lol yeah I saw you like sprint off the bus, I was like whats that about? Then you slipped...and aI laughed a little. But hey, soon I'm going to go to the mall with some friend(s) and I was wondering if you wanted to come with us? We be leaving soon, so...If you can reply back by 5:30...

Seventeen said...

Yeah, but I have flowers now.
Um... Thanks for inviting me, but I have some stuff to do (yard work =_=), and I have to get up early tomorrow... That, and I'm saving my money for new shoes. But thanks for the invite. :)

Donny-boy said...

Lol k no prob, and lol the mall is not all about money, jk. I got $20 dollars burnign a hole in my pocket, plus my friend has got a lot of cash that I could use too XD Anyway...have fun with your yard, and getting up early.