Saturday, 25 April 2009

The slideshow is so you don't miss out on my lovely avatar while my Wall of Icons is MIA.
Hmm... I'm thinking of the bus ride home yesterday.
...My toothpaste exploded. =__=

Yes, I do keep toothpaste in my backpack. Or, rather, I did. The other day Heather told me that I am the most prepared girl she's ever met. She said that when Angel asked if anyone had lotion in their lockers, and I pulled a tube out of my backpack right there. (It ended up giving her a rash... Oops.)

So, anyway, I was looking through my backpack for... Something... I forgot what. But after I pulled out a few folders I noticed that there was... Something white and orange at the bottom of my bag... I was like, 'Oh, crap.' I had to shove all of my folders and books into a smaller pocket in the bag. That already had a broken zipper. But anyhow!

I asked Damien and/or Donald for a napkin... Damien offered paper (xD I have a ton of that!), but Donald did have a little package of tissue. When he gave me them, he said, "Yeah, my mom gave them to me, she was like, 'Here, Donald, in case you ever spill toothpaste in your backpack.'" (Erm... Maybe you had to be there. It was a lot funnier then, rather than reading it.) But that statement seemed to confuse Damien... XD A few minutes later he saw all of the toothpaste-covered crap in my seat and was like, "Wait, YOU spilled the toothpaste?!" He thought that when Donald made that comment about his mum, he was being serious. Freaking funny. XD

Oh, wow. My mum melted the remote!!! We have a little TV in the kitchen, and we usually keep the remote on top of a candle by the stove... Eh, well, my mother probably should have taken her absentmindedness into consideration when she lit that candle, because now the remote is horrible disfigured (but still works, by some miracle!).

Man, the spell check on Firefox SUCKS! Seriously. I spell 'miracle' as 'miricle' (because I can never get that word right!), and the options are things like Mirilla, aurical, but not miracle! Well, it's there now that I have spelled it correctly, but geez...

Whoa. I don't have an anime album on Photobucket! Sheesh, I need to change that! is awesome. I used to listen to it a few years ago (when I was into Aly & AJ, Hilary Duff, that pop-crap xD)... But the other day I brought it back up. I missed you, Pandora Radio!

I'm gonna go watch When They Cry for the first time.



Donald said...

Yeah...that was a fun bus ride =D

pop*POLKA said...

The stuff about the toothpaste sounds freaking funny!
Well, Courtney, you have inspired me to keep toothpaste in my bag.
Oh yeah, I forgot, I got a new toothbrush! It's blue. What color's yours?

Seventeen said...

Just make sure it doesn’t explode… >_>
My toothbrush is purple! The one I keep in the bathroom. My travel toothbrush is clear, and it comes in half so you can stick one end into the other! It’s awesome!

I also have a lint roller in my bag. :3

Donald said...

Lol your portable tooth brush awesome! My normal tooth brush is purple as well, but i didnt pick the color my mom just buys w/e one she gets her hands on....

Muse of Randomness said...

Oh the fun you could have with that lint roller...