Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Okay, this post is going to be all Mabinogi. So beware.
I finally found some awesome clothes for Kino today. And in Tir Chonaill, of all places! (see above)

The gloves were actually dropped from a raccoon, but they go with the outfit so perfectly! Right after I purchased the outfit, they changed colours in the store... This one was greener. >_> So yay! :D Haha.
The boots came from... Emain Macha, I think.

I'm considering buying a pet. There's no way that I'll complete G3 in the next few days, so relying on that event is out. The horse events has been done for awhile... So really, if I want a pet I'll have to buy one. >_> Anywhere from $2 to $9. I probably won't end up doing it. I have to save up to get the cartilage of my ear pierced, anyway.

I need an in-game friend. I did make one a few days ago, but we haven't talked since.
Mabinogi keeps logging me out unexpectantly. How annoying.

I would probably get the mini bear (pet).

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Diak said...

Try WoW... :)