Saturday, 11 April 2009

Antic Cafe

Tonight will either be a game night or an anime night.
If I can get the stupid rented Kingdom Hears disk to work, then it will be a game night.
If I fail, I will watch Loveless until 2:00 AM.
This is the last night I get to stay up as late as I want to before spring break ends!!!
I'm so sad. :(

...Looks like it's an anime night.
=( =( =(
I was really excited about KH. It's so annoying, though! I don't care about your strange thoughts, Sora, just stop freezing in front of Kairi and let me play!!!

An Cafe xD

...In other news, I went to a garage sale with Nudge and Angel on Friday.
It sucked.
They didn't even have old Disney movies!
Then we went to another one that sucked even more.
But we dropped Nudge and her mum off (they had some horse test to do...) and we (Angel, me, and our mothers) went to the mall. Now that was fun!

We spent some time in the bookstore (I read half of Bogus to Bubbly xD), then Deb where I tried on a beautiful purple dress (which you can see here)... Everyone said that I looked really good in it. I don't know about that, I but I liked it. I don't think I would wear it to prom of anything, though. THIS is more my style (you're so lucky, Lizzy!). Corsets = love. Angel wanted to buy this for the next formal dance. Her mum wouldn't let her. (laugh)

After Deb we stopped at Hot Topic (didn't buy anything, I only had $15!), then Angel said that she was hungry, so we waited in line at Subway for ten minutes at the food court. >_> She was a little unhappy about the fact that it cost over $6 for a 6 inch sub, two cookies, and a coke, so she gave me a straw and said "Here, you will use this straw and pretend to drink my pop, so I will feel better." Not totally sure how pretending to drink something makes it worth the price, but okaaay... xDDD And, of course, we went to the photo booth and took funny pictures. It's a tradition with Angel.

Stupid Mabinogi being stupid and stupidly freezing up and closing out. >_<

Mmm... I'm just gonna watch House.




teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

When I read your post at first I was like WTF, she has a friend called Lizzie who's wearing the exact smae dress as me?! Then I realised, and my face was like...O.O oh...I'm stupid.

I know what ya mean. When I was in America (like two years ago now) I bought three things from Hot Topic, and had to make do...I nearly cried when I had to leave.

Yeah, I get the feeling that a darker colour purple would look better on you...and of course a corset XD

And doesn't everyone love House? No? They should.

Donald said...

So how come the Kingdom Hearts game wasnt working? And you went to the mall to? Lucky, you went with grandma dragged me there.....I would have much more enjoyed Rivertown without her nagging me....

Seventeen said...

Lizzie... You crack me up. XDD
Yeah, a dark purple dress with a corset would probably suit me better. :D
Hot Topic is amazing... But sooo expensive...

Oh! My friend said that her parents don't like House. -le gasp- I don't see how anyone could dislike that show! House is freaking hilarious. ^^ Though my friend said that if she were to have him as a doctor, she would never want to have to converse with him! XD Something to do with his medical tactics. "Don't worry, I'm not going to burn you this time... I'm going to stab you!" *pulls out a huge needle*
>_> (LOL)

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

My mum doesn't like House...or Scrubs. I love House!! The dude that plays him, Hugh Laurie, is actually English!!! We rule! And we have Fairy Goth Mother *smug*

Seventeen said...

Oh my gosh, yes! I couldn't believe it when I found out that Huge Laurie is English... His American accent is so good!
My mum used to watch Scrubs... I haven't actually seen it.
...Who's Fairy Goth Mother?