Wednesday, 1 April 2009

My underwear is red.


My underwear is red,
Violet's aren't blue,
It's almost spring break
and I don't want to pick up poo!

People who don't use proper punctuation annoy the crap out of me!
As in, "Im going to get Sarahs water first." 
Yep, Grammar Nazi all the way!

My BFF Chelsie = Awesomeness!
Kaity and Angel are awesome as well, but sometimes I need a friend who will make "ppthh" noises with her tongue without a second thought in the middle of a large crowd of people!
Yeah, we have fun with that. "Ppthh" "Ppthh" "Ppthh" "*pop!*" "*clickclick*" "*pop!*" "*pop!*"
Who would ever want to grow up? Life is so much more fun when you don't care about boys, clothes, and what people think about you!
And Disney movies. Life cannot be complete without Disney movies.

Ooooh, strawberry cake mix... Sweetness!
OMIGOSH. At the end of English class, Courtney (not me! A diff one!) had a baggie of SMASHED STRAWBERRIES. :O Not mangled, DESTROYED! And she didn't even bother to take their tops off, so one couldn't drink it without also consuming green things!

Man, right now I kind of really want a tablet. I never used to want one, but I think if I had a tablet, I might be able to do digital art more easily, and I really want to do digital art.
If I can find a cheap one, I'll buy it myself, rather than waiting for my b-day (which is in... Six months. blech.)

Dang. Do I always blog in such a disjointed way, going from topic to topic without any transitions? Does this bother anyone? 'Cuz it sure is bugging me...


Muse of Randomness said...

I'm more of a Spelling Nazi than anything, which is kind of stupid taking into account how many typos I make in a hurry.

It seems like kids are growing up faster than ever. Second graders have had more boyfriends than me. I know they're not taking anything seriously, but STILL. I've seen so many kids who care about the stuff they shouldn't have to worry about. Because you only have on childhood, afterwards you have all the time you need for relationships and influence and all that junk.

No!! Not the STRAWBERRIES!! And I thought microwaving the cake was bad. Especially while it was still in the metal container/pan/...thingy.

Disjointed blogging is love. <333 It means you have an active mind.

Seventeen said...

I really don't understand why young kids want to grow up... Well, I kind of can, I guess, but even when I was little (10-), I've always wanted to be even younger... (laugh) Except for those times when I hate my life so much that I just want to grow up, be in college, and start over.
But I really agree with you. Children (including us!) need to learn to just relax and take life as it comes at you... As hard as that may be. Seriously, how many people who go out in high school (or even worse, middle school... Or -gasp- elementary?!) end up marrying their bf/gf? -_-

Wait.... Who microwaved a cake?!

Donald said...

Psh I know right? Growing up sucks... I liked being small and I could fit and small places. I also liked being up high so people put me up on there shoulders....people still do...but..its more of just Damien..once XD and I like making box forts =O

Seventeen said...

LikeD being small? As in, past tense? Yeah, right. Dude, you weight less than I do!

Seventeen said...

And I'm glad that you don't hate my disjointed blogging, Andrea! ♥

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said... had sugar, didn't you?

I had coffee this morning,and I was so jittery I couldn't close my bag...

Muse of Randomness said...

I don't think I've met anyone who married their school boyfriends/girlfriends. Then again, I don't know many people. I've never looked hard for anything, just wait and act less mature than most people I know. Everyone's obsessed with dating and social affairs and crap. I know one eighth grader is pregnant now. There'd probably be even more if it weren't such a small school.

I can't hate disjointed blogging. I do it lots.

Seventeen said...

Sugar... Actually, I don't think I did! Weird, huh? I think it's because I actually slept for more than six hours that night!

We had an eighth grader who said that she WANTED to have a baby! When she was fourteen!!! (She has obviously never baby-sat. =_=)

pop*POLKA said...

They are pure epicness!