Friday, 3 April 2009


I spent the night with my friend Emily last night.
It was fun!
And we watched Twilight. So here is my review of the movie:

I didn't really like the opening scene... It seemed kind of off. Unnatural. But it quickly became better.
I kind of liked the mood of the movie. Nice and dark. But that 'buttcrack Santa' was not in the book. >_> That was annoying.
I wasn't expecting most of the characters to look like they did. Bella's friends at school, I mean. (Eric is Asian? When did this happen?)
I actually found myself enjoying this movie.
....Then Edward came in.
And I kept having Roswell flashbacks:

  • The movie opened with a girl talking about dying

  • A beautiful inhuman blonde girl was angry with her 'brother'
    because he spilled their story to the girl he loves after he saved
    her life using his powers

I liked Jake. My friend told me that he was butt-ugly, but I actually think he looks kind of cute.

The meadow scene was so stupid! First of all, he didn't even go to a meadow to show off his sparkly skin... And when he did sparkle, it looked so fake!

Edward: This is the skin of a
Me: Oh, yeah? Prove it!
(Yeah, I shouted that when we were watching it.)

Jasper had to be my favourite character in the movie. Two words: Edward Scissorhands.

Is anyone else seeing it?

Okay, so here's my final opinion on the movie:
It wasn't half bad. Edward sucked (his running looked so fake!), but the rest was okay. I think if we cut him out, it would be much better.
My favourite part? The credits.
(No, seriously, the credits were awesome.)

(Bella: So he's after me now? Edward: No, he's after my candy bar!)


PS. Did anyone else see Stephanie Meyer in the coffee shop? Emily didn't even notice that!


Muse of Randomness said...

Some people think he's gayand using the "vampires sparkle" thing to cover for wearing body glitter. I like that theory much better. But that's just me.

My friend Ali (she used to be die-hard Twilight but loves Harry Potter now.) noticed the resemblance between Jasper and Edward Scissorhands, whom she loves.

I have to watch Twilight sometme next week. Wish me luck. xDD

Seventeen said...

I like that theory! And good luck! xD

Donald said...

I did not like the movie, the effects were crummy, and it kind of bored me a little. And I totally agree that the sparkling looked fake.

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

Yea, the sparkle effect really let me down. I saw Stephenie in the restaurant! Ordering food at the bar!!

The soundtack is twice as good as the film. I love it. The baseball scene was awesome, though. Jasper = show off. Carlise = AWESOME and apparently Emmett = monkey man. Hm.

pop*POLKA said...

I like Jasper too.
He has nice hair.

Seventeen said...

He looked really cool when they were playing baseball. :3 (laugh)