Thursday, 30 April 2009

Writing Workshop!


Whoo-hoo! Yesterday I went to this awesome writers' workshop thing. It was such a great experience!

After I stopped at the schools store and bought strawberry Sour Punch Straws (I wanted one of those huge Laffy Taffy, but I didn't see any, so I didn't ask), it was nearly 7:30, so I went directly to the bench in front of the office to wait to leave for the workshop. I was kind of surprised to see some of the people there, namely Fetus. I chatted briefly with Shannon, and gave Fetus a horrible high-five. Finally, we boarded the bus.
I will do my best to spare you the boring details. I sat near the front, and Rachel sat next to me. Who doesn't love Rachel?! We talked for a few minutes... She writes poems, and I told her that I write stories of fiction. She mentioned Teen Ink, which I looked up when I got home (I did know what it was before!), and ordered the one free issue they give out. :D

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Anyway, about the actual workshop.
The speaker was great. When he first came up, he said, "High-schoolers, this is great! Yesterday I had middle-schoolers. Check it out." He hid his mouth with his hand, as if we was whispering a secret into the mic. "Ass."
But seriously, he was GOOD! And so inspiring! During lunch (pizza and soda... yum yum) I wrote a really good passage in my story.

The speaker also talked about how writers tend to notice things people don't, and are very insightful, which will make us miserable. "Welcome to your life!" he declared. "You will never be happy!"
So I must be a born writer! I'm always noticing things, like in movies I'll see a familiar poster, but when I mention it to a friend, they're like, "Seriously? I wouldn't know. I don't notice things like that!"
(Plus, all these constant observations DO make me miserable! :D)

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When we first arrived at the workship-thing, we had donuts! Oh-so good. ^__^ Mine was chocolate with chocolate frosting. I don't usually like cocoa much (ironic, seeing as my nickname is Coco!), but this was good! I sat in the back, by myself, and read Inkheart. Fetus came back and sat by me (apparently he was just going all around the room). Talked about Inkheart for a bit, he brought up an interesting point: it's just stupid to make a movie out of a book that is about how great books are!
Heheh. Fetus is awesome.
He was pretty much the only person who talked to me (I didn't mind, I don't like to talk to many people). I love how he easily becomes friends with people he hardly knows. I know that I don't just start shoving a girl I barely know, just ride the bus with! (Yeah, that happened. It was funny. ^^)


To break is up, I will post a photo of my desk:

My desk


IcecicleKiller said...

It sucks so much that I couldnt go to that!

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

Hi!! Just in case you thought I'd died or something...I had an issue with Blogger...for some reason or another.

Glad to hear you had fun! I wish that something like that would occur round here, but alas I have to make do with my friend helping me and being all pessimistic XD

I understand how spotting things in films can lead to misery; whenever I see a scene where something's changed (someone's hat, which hand they were holding something etc) it buges me sooooo much, an no-one else seems to spot it. Le sigh...