Thursday, 14 May 2009

I brought Mokona to school today.
Nudge-chan always has so much fun with Moko-chan!
She didn't realize that I brought Mokona until just before fifth (last) hour, though, when she saw Moko-chan sitting on top of a pile of manga in my locker.
Of course, she ran away with Moko-chan.
Then in English she put Moko-chan in my hood... >_> Then after she left I went to the bathroom (took the plushie out of my hoodie). When I came back.... WHERE'S MOKONA?! :O Nono, I didn't freak out like that. But a few minutes later, Devon found Mokona squished between the window latch and the open window... >_> I still don't know who did that...

This picture frightens me.

Then the bus ride was interesting. Donald wants to find a way to eat using photosynthesis. O_o His theory was that if you have to go on a diet, it's perfect! My theory? You're screwed. (Actually, Fetus said that, we had the same idea.)

TT__TT I was all excited to watch House last night, but then I was watching it, and I was like, something's not right.... There was a women lying in bed, but she was having a weird nightmare... Not a hallucination, a nightmare... Then the NCIS theme came on. NOES!
But thankfully, there was an episode I haven't seen recored on the DVR on this computer...

Gosh, are all my posts this boring?!
I really need some good blog fodder. =__=



Donald said...

How would you be screwed?! Its not like youd gain weight doing it, and if you feel you are, just stop! I'll do it, just watch me, then scientists will be baffled, and you'll be jealous. Then I'll get bored of it and eat a crap load of candy.

Muse of Randomness said...

Oh no! Mokona!

So, I'd assume that's Robin's wolf. What I don't understand is why would you try to get a PIGGYBACK RIDE from a wolf. ._.

I actually like NCIS... ._. I'm more of an Abby fan than anything though..

(I don't understand that dieting theory..)

Seventeen said...

Yeah, that must be Robin's wolf. Didn't expect him to be an actual wolf, but I guess it couldn't be helped to do it just once. (laugh)
It's kinda scary. I would run.

I don't like NCIS, even though I was just watching it (nothing else on). The characters are too weak, if you ask me. Unlike House, where all of the characters are so incredibly three-dimensional that I sometimes have to tell myself that they don't actually exist... xD That, and crime shows just aren't my thing.

Eh, I guess I didn't explain the dieting theory very well. If someone ate by photosynthesis, and they wanted to diet, they couldn't go outside for very long, if at all!!! Plus, one would actually end of gaining weight that way, I'm sure, if they were in any way like me. I go outside quite a bit, and when I'm inside I'm usually eating... I eat when I'm bored. (nervous laugh)
(I'm not fat! ...Just so you don't think that. :D)

Donald said...

I probably eat more then you =P and if you leanr photosynthesis you wont gain weight. I have never in my life seen an over weight plant. But possible side effect, I may turn green =/

Seventeen said...

But plants don't use photosythesis AND regular food! And I know you would.

OHMIGOSH. I just remembered this book I used to have... This kid... XD for a science project... Discovered a way of using photosynthesis for people... XDD But he turned green and kept leaning towards light like a plant... XDD
HEY. Have you read that book??? Is that where you got the idea from?!

Donald said...

Lol true, but I have high metabolism, and getting fat only from foods would be fine. And OMG no I havnt, but I really freaking want to now!! Do you remember what it's called!!