Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Post #170

I don't post often because I lack blog fodder.
But I did get some today.
I would rather go without, however, since it was bad news.
You see, I have this teacher...
My English teacher. She's freaking awesome. Even better than my eighth grade English teacher! (Who was great, with his Chuck Taylor and M&M thing.)
She's really helped me with my writing. Incredibly encouraging, and if it weren't for her, this great story I'm writing wouldn't even exist.
But... Today she told the class that she won't be here next year.
She's moving to Columbia to teach for a few years.
So if I ever do see her again, it will be when I'm a senior!
But she did tell us that at the end of the year she will give us her Facebook information,
so we can keep in touch with her.
I was really hoping that next year I would have my first draft, she could give me some critique...
Oh, well... I am going to miss her terribly, though. I'm glad that we can stalk her via Facebook.

Other than that, last night's episode of House was amazing. Freaking amazing.

...And so goes my life.


Donald said...

The super awesome teacher isnt the same super awesome teacher who was actually able to get me to do my work was she!? If so then that sucks!! I liked her!! Man and I was hoping to pass english next year because of her.... That sucks!! Well please say hi and good bii for me, and if you would be so kind as to get me a copy of her facebook info, I'd apreciate it!!

Seventeen said...

Yeah, it is. That news made me horribly sad and depressedish. She actually cried while telling us. But yeah, I'll tell her you said hi and bye next time I get the chance, and I'll email you her info.

pop*POLKA said...

Oh, sorry to hear that.
I never really have actually liked a teacher before.
But happy English teacher stalking!

Donald said...

=( this really sucks man, the only teacher that gains my respect moves!! Now how am I gonna pass enlgish!? dang it!!