Friday, 8 May 2009

Maximum Ride: the comic

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I keep having dreams involving Cinema Bizarre.
And I haven't even really been listening to them lately! Well, at least not obsessively.

Maximum Ride, the comic by NaRae Lee.
She's Koran. NaRae Lee, I mean. I didn't know that. I guess she can't speak a word of English. xD That would be weird! To have your first manga to be printed in a foreign country, in a language you can't understand.

I just started it a few hours ago (on the bus), but so far it's pretty dern good. The one thing that really bothers me? Max's hair. She's freaking brunette, why can't anyone understand this?! In School's Out... Oh, wait.
What the heck?! James Patterson just can't decide, can he?
A few times throughout the series, she was said to have had brown hair... With blonde streaks. In book II, her friend at school asked her how she got her blonde streaks in her brown hair. But I guess there are a few times where she is described at blonde. (see here.)

Nudge has big boobs. That's weird for an eleven-year-old, no?
But Fang... Well, he ain't bad. (Please escuse me as I go drool.)
(Even if he does have super-long hair.)
I loved it when he caught that cup that Iggy threw. (nervous laugh)
Speaking of Iggy... Did he have a walking cane/stick when they were going strawberry picking? 'Cuz I could have sworn that he did. Very odd. >_>

Angel's wings are so tiny! How is she supposed to fly with those?! (Don't get me wrong, she's adorable!)

Um... What a weird post! Not really much of a review, but then again, I just started it! But one thing I would reccomend: Read the books first! You'll have a better idea of what's going on, and how the story should go (sometimes comics like these have major flaws. I haven't really found any so far, though).


Donald said...

I know that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw a pic of Max, I'm like no thats wrong!! We pretty much put in the same review, Nudges boobs, Fangs hair, (Except I dont find him hot, and of course you would... lol.) Angels wings. Except I didnt think Jeb had a mustache did he?

Seventeen said...

I'm pretty sure that Jed did not have a moustache.