Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bleach, Naruto, and lots of Sailor Moon...

Ah, yes. The anime club thing was yesterday.
And it was so much fun!
I just love hanging out with boys. Their conversations tend to me more interesting than girls' (well, the boys I choose to hang out with, at least. The odd ones!)
We watched five anime episodes:
►First of Sailor Moon
►First and third of Naruto (we skipped to the third purely for Kakashi's "A Thousand Years of Pain" XD)
►First of Dragonball (the original!)
►First of Bleach

No one really talked much during Sailor Moon (though there was a lot of snickering when "Tuxedo Mask" introduced himself.) (Unfortunately, we watched the dub, which sucks.)
The conversation really started up during Naruto.
"Hey, he appeared later as a weird tiger guy, right?"
"If Naruto failed that test a few times before, why is he the same age as everyone else?!"
"'I just got a shiruken to my spinal cord, but I'm still going to fight!'" (Seriously, I have never understood that injury!)

And it was pretty much a running commentary throughout Dragonball. XD
My favourite part was when the boy threw the log in the air (by the way, he could carry that huge sword over his shoulder like it was nothing, but he was sweating when he tried to lift the log?! wtf?) and chopped it when it was still in midair.
One of the guys said, "Wait for it..."
And the logs fell on top of each other, one by one, in a neat stack.
"What the heck?!"
"Physics does NOT work that way!"
"How did that even happen?!"
"Guys, this is the physics of anime. Do not question them!"

But I was able to watch Bleach peacefully. ^_^ Which I am not addicted to, by the way, along with Sailor Moon. (Both of which I have never seen before.) (I still like Tokyo Mew Mew better than Sailor Moon. The plot is more solid.)

I'm glad I invited Emily! It wouldn't have been as much fun if I didn't have a friend there.
(Maybe next time Donald and Fetus will come. ;D

So now I wait. Wait for a Nintendo DS and 358/2 Days.



teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

I tried to watch Sailor Moon, and I didn't like it. At. All. The heroine was so...sappy. I loved Tokyo Mew Mew, and completely watched the subbed version. Dubbed was...appalling. I think I actually cried. Naruto's awesome, but has lots of fillers (prefer the managa), never seen Dragonball, and Bleach...I'm so addicted to that I actually created a zanpakto for me. Yeah. Nerd.

I always thought about that, but then said well, they're ninja and just do stuff differently, and it's an anime, so we can't expect the same rules of physics to apply. See the same thing goes for Dragonball, too ¬.¬

Can I come next time? In spirit?

I has DS...and what are you waiting for?

IcecicleKiller said...

Lol I just saw a DBZ reference on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have that green and white stripped hat from Bleach, even though I've never seen it.

Every time you try to apply real physics to an anime, God kills a cat girl! Please think of the cat girls!!!

Seventeen said...

See, that's why I think it's so weird that I'm addicted to Sailor Moon. The main character is annoying (but then again, they usually are. *coughichigomomomiya
andtohruhondacough*), the story is quite stupid, I spend most of the time watching it making fun of it, but... I'm addicted!
And yeah, Naruto had a ton of fillers, but those are mostly just at the end, so I skipped the last hundred episodes and pretended that they didn't exist. :D Never got very far into Shippuuden, though. It started to bore me (the anime went to slow).
Tokyo Mew Mew was amazing. Definitely not the best anime I've seen, but the memories attached to it as the first anime I watched makes it amazing. :D

Dragonball, not Dragonball Z. The original.
Seriously? I figured that you've seen it, 'cuz of the hat.

IcecicleKiller said...

I know you said Dragonball, I just said that because it sort of had to do with it...kind of....I also said it to be random. But no I've never seen it, I just saw the hat on an anime site and instantly fell in love with it.

Seventeen said...

Yeah, yeah, I know, sorry.
:lol: It's a funny hat.

Muse of Randomness said...

I watched Sailor Moon as a kid, and I still love it, even if I don't watch it much. ;-; Turns out there's a big difference in Sailor Moon's behavior from in the manga and both the Japanese and English anime. In the English anime Usagi is a bit more of a "Valley Girl" stereotype.

Ahhh, I haven't watched much of the Naruto anime, even though I have a box set of the first several episodes around here somewhere. I never understood Iruka's shuriken to the spine, either... Because along with the real physics not applying to anime, another thing to be noted is that whatever can kill a villain IS NOT going to kill a protagonist, and there is not always a good reason for this.

I want to come in spirit next time too. And I will wait with you for that DS.

Seventeen said...

Muse: The anime is pretty good, but not too different from the manga. I kind of like the anime better because it's in colour and... I like the voices. (laugh) (But every other time, she reads the manga...)

Oh, and Lizzy!: 358/2 Days is a new Kingdom Hearts game for the Nintendo DS that I cannot wait for!
Yes. Next time you shall come with me in spirit. =D

Donald said...

Yes I know its a funny hat, thats why I like it, thats also why I want that necko hat. 358/2 ftw!!
And I'll try to come too, but idk if I'll be able to.

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

Yay! I've read up on it, and sounds interesting...


...I want Urahara's hat. I think I'd love him to be my dad, too. Or an eccentric family member. Seriously.

Seventeen said...

Yay, spirit partay! XD

I'll be able to comment on that... Whenever he's introduced. I'm only on episode 4. =(

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

...*brings streamers and popcorn*

...damn. I love him, and his pimp cane. A PIMP! In an ANIME!!

Seventeen said...

Seriously?! Awesome! (XD)
Oh, oh, he just came in the last episode I saw! Hasn't done anything interesting yet, though. Except for selling Rukia a defective... Whatever that faux-soul candy thing was.... >w<

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

^^!!! P.I.M.P. MAN to da RESCUEEE!!!

This is fun now, especially when the lion makes an appearance!