Sunday, 14 June 2009

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. And I think my mom wants to go on a bike ride.

Tuesday Emily is coming over and my dad is taking us to the library. They're starting an anime club (not the library I regularly go to, mind you), and Emily likes anime, so I invited her. (Plus, she hasn't been over in seven years! A sleepover is WAY overdue!)

Wednesday I guess we're just going to hang out. I'm going to help her set up a deviantART account (yay)! I'll probably post the link here when it's made (and art is submitted).

Thursday I think I'm going to go to karate and Angel's house.

And I have nothing planned for Friday!

...I'm sorry, I'm at a complete lack of good blog fodder.


pop*POLKA said...

You should come over to my place on Friday, you can help clean my room!
Or not.
I'll be leaving for vacation on Thursday. That means no internets... DX
OH NOES. Well at least I have some anime I downloaded to my iPod.

Seventeen said...

Haha, yeah, I would totally do that... If we you didn't live on the other side of the country! (Or so I would assume.)

Where are you going for vacation?!
And, hey, you have an iPod Touch, right? So if you happen to be somewhere with Wi-Fi, you'd have internet! :D
Anime is good. :3

Donald said...

Hey, what Library is this anime club at? it sounds interesting

teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

Damnitall. For once in my life, I don't want to live in England T.T I'm over it ^^


Jen said...

The quote from House...What is house? Another question: Is Maximum Ride 5 worth buying and is it romantic?

Seventeen said...

House is my favourite TV show. It's a medical show, but it's not like any medical show I've seen before. It centres a doctor (House) and his medical team who have to figure out these medical mysteries, why people are sick, things that other doctors can't figure out. It's not only about the mystery; there's also some philosophical stuff in there, too. And, of course, the reason the show is so popular: House. The most immature and rudest doctor ever. (Well, on TV at least).
Oops, I'm sorry for writing so much! You can tell that I love this show! :D

As for Maximum Ride, I have no idea. I did start to read it, but it was so freaking cheesy and stupid (like the book before it), I couldn't get past the second chapter. Like I tell everyone; I refuse to acknoledge the existence of any book after Saving the World.

Muse of Randomness said...

I wish a local library here had an anime club. T^T Although we have too many anime-phobes around here, so that might not work...

O_O Is that Shin's new haircut!? I don't like it. T_T!!

Jen said...

Thanks for explaining:D I appreciate it. I should so watch that show House. It sounds awesome.

Seventeen said...

-just notices- Oh, hey! Shin does have different hair! I kind of like it (But I'm mostly indifferent :D).

Yep, you're welcome, Jen! You should watch it, it is awesome. If you live in the US and get cable, it's on USA most weeknights at 8 [reruns] (but lately they've also been showing NCIS at that time, so I'm not quite sure what days they have House. But they seem to be showing reruns on Fox when NCIS is on USA.) That, and season 6 starts this fall on Fox. ^_^

Muse of Randomness said...

Maybe I just don't like it when Shin's hair is long. ._. I'm just... Really not happy with it.

Seventeen said...

(giggle) I've always liked guys with long hair. :D Wait, no, not always. Recently. Very recently.

Seventeen said...

Though I think he may have gotten a haircut? Because this picture is from their convert in Moscow, which was very recent, and it's quite short here.

So breathe, Andrea... It's okay...