Sunday, 28 June 2009

I'm uploading a million photos to Facebook. =__=

But! But! I just bought my tablet!!!
Isn't it beautiful? And so cheap! (Compared to what it would cost if I bought it from the original website... But then, that one comes with Coral Painter and some other programs.... I have GIMP, that's all I need!)
It should be here on Wednesday. (So excited!)

Things I still want to buy this summer:
Shojo Beat magazine, July 2009 (very last issue!!!)
Salvador Dali: Portfolio (artbook)
Willow by Julia Hoban
Pattern for a dress I want to make
Fabric for this dress
A Nintendo DS Lite

My mom offered to stop at the bookstore on her lunch break, but I want to go there! I just love hanging out at bookstores... Even if I rarely end up buying anything.

OMIGEEZE I just found a picture of cookies I made a long time ago that I once posted here on my blog, and now I really have to make some!!!

From Chocolate Strawberries


Donald said...

Lol, I love being in book stores too, they're awesome for many reasons, thats why I -always- make sure we enter through and exit from a Barnes and Noble anytime I go to a mall.

Seventeen said...

I do that, too! Usually my mum tries to exit through the doors next to Barnes and Noble, but I always end up pulling her into the doors just before those... It's like, "Mom, Mom, come on! Let's go through here!" "No, Courtney, we don't have time!" "Yes we do! I'll be quick! We'll just walk through it!" ...Yeah, well, that proves to be a lie every time.

Frrenchtoast said...

OMG, you sew too! I just started to cut out my dress :D

Donald said...

Lol yeah, I annoy my friends anytime we go through the mall. We went through Barnes and Noble, and I saw Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and I was like zomg, I'm getting thi- OMG the new Haruhi!!! And all I ended up only getting books =)

Seventeen said...

I love to sew! I haven't tried sewing adult clothes yet, I've only done plushies and clothes for the plushies and pillow and hats before. But this summer I decided that I should learn how to sew dresses. There's a girl in my class that makes all her dresses, and I'm jealous. :D

Frrenchtoast said...

I love making my own clothes it's so much fun :)