Saturday, 27 June 2009

Not much to report on.

I need to go to the gas station to return a HUGE trash bag of pop cans and bottles later. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the money. I'm [finally] saving up for a.... (duh-duh-duuuh) Tablet!!! I'm excited. I want to do some digital art (even though I'm more of a traditionalist), and it's quite hard with a mouse. I have enough money right now, but I might put a little of that into savings, so I can, y'know, go to college.

Hmm, yes, so I suppose I'm expected to give my opinion on the passing of a certain pop star.
I am actually quite indifferent.
I've never been very fond of MJ. Not disliking him per say, but I never really listened to his music (except when I was little, I loved that song in the beginning of Free Willy) (I'm listening to it now. I still like it!).
When my dad told me that he was in the hospital (possibly dying), I was shocked. It didn't last for too long, but I was most certainly shocked. I just couldn't imagine that man... Dead. But now I'm indifferent again.
(And I'm back to listening to Dear Reader.)

I've started drawing some realism. People. I've only drawn Cyan and Timothy, and now I'm working on Erica. (These are all my OCs, by the way!)
I'm having a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately, no comments on the one I've posted (Cyan), which disappointed me, but then again, no one ever comments on my art. =D (I'm not complaining! I'm grateful for the page views that I get!)
My mom was teasing me when she saw my drawings of Cyan and Timothy. After telling me that they were good (she always does that. But I have learned that I cannot trust her opinion, as she once told me that.... Oh, dang, I must have deleted it from my dA gallery. Well, it was my first anime drawing, uber crappy), she commented that Cyan was "a cutie," then started teasing me for drawing cute boys. >_> I can't help it, okay?! -FLAIL-

Mmm... Okay, long enough post. Gonna go check the mail, maybe my Dear Reader CD came in! (Bought it on eBay for £3.88, and that's including shipping, people!)


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