Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I've just been walking around town so much lately!
It's much more fun with a friend, of course. Angel came over yesterday (and spent the night), and we walked around town a lot. But more about that later.

I had major issues with buses on Tuesday. -__- I nearly missed the bus Tuesday morning (the driver honked at least five times!), and in the afternoon I was looking all over the school for the yearbooks! When I finally found the right classroom, I had to stand in line. I had three minutes to get on the bus when I first got in line, and when I was finally given my yearbook, I ran!
.....Theeeen I couldn't find Angel's bus. Accidentally got on Emily's, but I'm glad because she told me that Angel's was two down. To my surprise, when I found the bus, it was already in motion!!! I had to flag it down while running towards it, but she did stop for me (thank God!). When I boarded the bus, people were like, "You made it!" XDD

Then Angel and I went to Karate, hung out with some friends outside the bowling ally for a little bit (we were going to go bowling, but it didn't open until 4!), then we became bored and left hem to go to the park. After that, we decided that it was time to go to the supermarket to stock up on energy drinks for that night, and stopped by the Dojo to watch Sensei throw down some guys (XD). I'll try to keep the details down, so after that we just mowed the lawn (yeah, I pushed mowed. Their mower is amazing!) and went to the bowling ally (they were gone! So Angel and I just bowled a quick game and left)... Then it was to my house!

Part II coming soon! I don't want to make these posts TOO long!

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