Friday, 26 June 2009

My Inkheart Movie Review

I watched this movie, Inkheart, yesterday.
I actually enjoyed it, even though I was fully prepared to be disappointed.
There were a lot of points where the movie went off the track of the book, and most of these were completely unnecessary! Pretty much, the movie producers took the idea of the book, kept the plot path pretty much the same, but then rewrote everything else.
Rather than opening the movie with Meggie reading in her bedroom of their old farmhouse, storming outside, they opened it with Mo and Meggie at a bookstore, Mo looking for Inkheart.
They did this with most of the movie. I find it extremely frustrating. I would understand if they changed a scene that would be hard to film, but no! They just changed most of the movie, and in my opinion, some of the original scenes that would have been easier to film!

The Characters
I'm not going to go into how most of the characters looked nothing like I imagined them, because that's just my imagination versus many others.
But I will go into how some characters weren't anything like they were described in the book!
There are only three examples of this, and only one really good example.
1) Fahrid had long hair. In Inkspell, it stated that Fahrid had tried to grow his hair our like Dustfinger, but ended up cutting it even shorter than before.
2) Elenor was very thin. In Inkheart, a number of times they called her "fat," but that's a pretty weak argument so I'm not going to go into it any further.
3) Resa. This is what really annoyed me. In the movie she has short, blonde hair. In the book, it clearly states that she has dark hair, turned from blonde because of Capricorn's dark heart. I don't, however, remember exactly if her hair is short or long (though I always imagined it long).

I also hated how much of an idiot they made Fenoglio. "I'm sorry, I had to do this. But look, it's Basta!" He was laughing pretty much 24/7, unless I missed something! He was even laughing when he foolishly told Dustfinger about his death!
The best part of this movie, and Angel agrees, was Dustfinger.
We were both very disappointed that he only had his shirt off for about two seconds. XD (Which you can see here.)
I was also disappointed how the movie portrayed him. Yes, he was a bit selfish in the book, but he never would have just left Resa to defend for herself from Capricorn's men!
Or left Meggie and Fenoglio for death.
But Dustfinger has always been my favourite character, and I think the movie really would have sucked without him.
(I won't talk about why I love Dustinger, no worries. This post is getting long enough as it is. ;P)

Oh, yeah, and the end of the movie blowed.

Okay, so finally, I would give this movie a 7.5 out of 10, losing a lot of point due to inaccuracy.
But I would reccomend it to the next person. I quite enjoyed it.


teh.sparkle.magpie...* said...

I always knew they'd screw it up, even a little.


That had nothing to do with the post, but I completely agree with you about Dustfinger; why couldn't he have been shirtless for a little while longer?

Seventeen said...

How does one have thunder and lighting? O_o (XD)

Yes, yes, and his pants looked magnificent on him for some reason. My friend Angel wanted to write to the movie producers, complaining that they were downright wrong to have the only guy with a hot body take his shirt off for two seconds. XD