Friday, 5 June 2009

OC Meme

(originally posted in my dA journal here)

Feel free to steal this, anyone!

I kinda feel bad for spamming my profile with this looong entry... But I just had so much fun with it!

Character meme
1. choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. make them answer the following questions.
3. then tag three people.
4. feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

Cyan ・Erica ・Andii ・Timothy ・Amica

How old are you?
Erica: Seventeen.
Amica: I’m twenty!
Andii: And I‘m seventeen, Timothy’s eighteen, and Cyan‘s sixteen!
Cyan: Hey, come on, let me talk!
Andii: Nope. You were too slow.
Timothy: ...

What's your height?
Andii: Timothy’ the tallest! (Too tall if you ask me!)
Timothy: I’m 6’2”.
Andii: And Amica‘s the shorty!
Amica: Yep! I‘m pocket-size.
Cyan: Andiiii, stop talking for everyone!
Erica: I‘m 5’2”.
Andii: -glares at Cyan- I‘m 5’6”. And Cyan’s six foot, since he‘s not offering it up.

Who's your housemate?
Erica: I share a room with Amica, when she bothers to come home...
Amica: Oh, so you‘re saying that if YOU were in college and had all the freedom in the world, you would come home every night to your parents’ house?!
Erica: No, well…

Do you have any kids?
Amica: Yep.
Erica, Andii, and Cyan: WHAT?! O_o
Amica: I‘m KIDDING. Geez, did you really believe me? I have to say, I’m quite offended.
Timothy: I‘m surprised you don’t have any yet. You‘re a partier, right?
Amica: !!! You little--! *tries to tackle Timothy*
Andii: Amica, no! You- you can‘t do that! *holds Amica back*
Amica: That no good dirty rotten... *grumble*

What's your favourite food?
Erica: Fettuccini Alfredo!
Amica: Oh, yes, she always inhales that whenever Mom makes it. It’s tough for anyone else to get any!
Timothy: I like pasta, too.
Andii: Aww! ...Me? I like pretty much anything. Fruits! Lots of fruits! Strawberries especially. They‘re just so cute!
Cyan: My favourite food is pizza. So is Fox‘s, Dad always has to pick up an extra pizza so he and Mom can eat. :D
Andii: Where is Fox, anyway?
Cyan: Courtney didn‘t seem to feel the need to include him in this meme. *glare*
Courtney: Well, there WERE only five slots. And he‘s had the least character development out of all of you...
Cyan: I don‘t care. I’m still angry at you. Cheesehead.
Courtney: I‘ve been dissed by my own character...

What's your favourite ice cream flavor?
Andii: STRAWBERRY! Of course!
Amica: Mint. Yumm, yes! Mint chocolate chip…
Erica: I love peppermint! Too bad they only sell it during Christmas time…
Cyan: Vanilla‘s pretty good.
Andii: *scoffs* You‘re so simple, Cyan!
Cyan: *very offended*
Timothy: Caramel Caribou.
Andii: Geez, now I‘m hungry!

Have you killed anyone?
Andii: Nope!
Amica: No.
Cyan: No.
Erica: ...
Timothy: In a way.
Andii: What?! Erica! Timmy! WHAT?!
Amica: Are you yanking our chains???
Erica: ...

Do you hate anyone?
Erica: Yes. *points to Timothy* Can‘t stand him.
Andii: Aww, Erica, that‘s rude! You KNOW you like him!
Erica: No. I do NOT. I used to, but now I do NOT. He‘s horrible.
Timothy: I AM standing right here, you know.

Have any secrets?
Cyan: Once I was mad at Fox so I let the air out of his favourite basketball.
Andii: Aw, Cyan, that‘s horrible! *wraps arms around Cyan*
Cyan: ...You are really getting on my nerves today.
Andii: Would you feel better if ERICA hugged you?
Cyan: *blush*
Erica: I do have a secret... But even I don‘t even understand it yet...
Timothy: Could you say that my whole background is a secret?
All: YES.
Andii: No one knows anything about you, Timothy! It‘s actually quite annoying!
Timothy: *rolls eyes*

Do you love anyone?
Amica: I have a feeling that no one here will be willing to admit to this question. *nudges Timothy*
Timothy: Don‘t touch me!
Erica: ...?
Amica: You are SO clueless, Erica! But I guess that‘s what makes you so cute.
Erica: Amiiicaa!
Andii: A doting mother and daughter!
Cyan: They are, aren’t they?!
Amica: Eh? What did you say?
Andii: Noothiiing.

What is your job?
Erica: Full time student!
Cyan: Full time? Is that even possible?
Amica: Have you SEEN her study?
Andii: I have a part-time job at the local ice cream shop.
Cyan: I work at the art supply store. (Employees‘ discount!)
Timothy: I don‘t have a job.
Amica: University library. And I‘m part of a book club.
Erica: Bookworm!

Boy or girl?
Andii: Cyan‘s supposedly a boy, but sometimes we wonder… And I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

What do you do to relax?
Erica: I don‘t need to relax.
Amica: Party!
Timothy: I do math puzzles.
Andii: Hang out with my besties!
Cyan: Draw. :D

Family tree information?
Amica: Erica and I are sisters!
Cyan: Fox is my [identical] twin brother, but he‘s not here. He’s the older one, by the way.

Do you have any background in previous stories?
Erica: Actually, we‘ve only been in one story so far, one that is currently being written. Unless you can count a few poems and some sentences Courtney had to write in English? But there’s not much background there.

Did you ever see each-other naked?
Cyan: Um… No…
Amica: Oh, yeah, Erica all the time when we were younger! She used to hate her clothes… Would strip them off at any given opportunity!
Erica: *blush* AMICA! I was TWO. Stop telling embarrassing stories!
Andii: I accidentally saw Erica naked once while she was changing. Scarred me for life.

Describe the perfect vacation!
Erica: A vacation from myself. Literally. Does anyone else ever feel that way?
Timothy: Every day of my life.
Cyan: Um, no, not really. I‘m pretty satisfied with myself. But I would love to visit Paris… Or New York… London… A city like that…
Amica: Beach, totally! Hang out with my friends, play truth or dare, check out hot surfer butts…
Andii: O_o …I’d go with Cyan to one of those cities. I love big cities!

Do you plan to show up later in different universes/stories?
Amica: I sure hope so!

What was the most dreadful thing your creator has done/ can do to you???
Timothy: She gave me a horrible past. I refuse to forgive her for that.
Courtney: Aw, come on, why are all my characters picking on me today?! I‘m sorry Timmy, but you would be so BORING with a normal past!
Timothy: You had no right to do that.
Courtney: Oh-ho! Ya wanna bet? I can take you down any day! I‘ll write you right into the It’s A Small World ride at Disney World! Believe me, that‘s worse than any past I could give you!
Timothy: .......

Last words?
Amica: Bye!
Andii: Everyone says FAREWELL! (I am SO not waiting for everyone to say goodbye one by one so I‘m just gonna say it for them!)
Cyan: In the time it took you to say that, we could have all said bye.
Erica: Thanks for reading!
Timothy: …Bye…
Andii: Oh, so you all go ahead and say it anyway! Well, don‘t expect ME to help out any more!
Cyan: Andii… Calm down… And quiet down! Geez, you are always so loud!


Donald said...

XDDD This was great!! Nice XD It made me giggle =3

Seventeen said...

I'm glad you liked it!

Donald said...

I'm going to steal it >.>

Seventeen said...

Have fun~

Donald said...

I will! I just need to decide what characters to use....and if I should add any questions...and if I do...what? Lets hear it for deep thinking!!

Jen said...

Amazing story:D I loved it! I'm concerned for Andii's gender though? It's a girl right?
P.S. found ya through Kristin Cashore's blog.

Seventeen said...

Thank you!!!
Yes, Andii is most definitely a girl. I realized after I posted this that I never really did specify her gender, but I figured that, y'know, what guy would spell his name that way? (laugh)
I'm glad you liked it. ;)