Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Post #200

Okay, 1) that photo is hot. It's Kiro and Strify, from Cinema Bizarre.
2) I'm trying to convince my mother that I need to cut my hair like Kiro's (when it was shorter). Not working.

Why I sometimes number my posts in this way:
About a year two ago, on Justine Larbalestier's blog, Justine talked about how annoying it is to have to make up titles for everything, and wouldn't it be easier to just number each novel and blog post and everything?
And thus is the story.

My brother is playing the beer song really loudly right now. >.> There's something wrong with that, if you ask me....

Okay, this is pretty much the best sign EVER.

Photograph (c) Courtney Landon (Me!)
Sign (c) Um, the guy who owns that art studio up town. I think he made it. It's in his front yard.


Muse of Randomness said...


*gawks at photo for several moments*

... Yes. Uber-hawt photo.

I disagree with your sign. GO ALIENS!

Plushie said...

LOL!! I remember when you took the picture of the sign, I still love it! I told my mother and she said I was weird. I wanna make a sign that says Plushie Rulz, or Plushie Wuz Heer, or something to that effect.