Monday, 27 July 2009

Well, I'm leaving for Detroit tomorrow, so I figured that I'd better post now.

I've never been to Detroit, and I'm kind of excited. I'm going with my church, it's for this thing called War Week. It's a missions thing... I'm not completely clear on what we're doing, but we will be working, going around the city (it's not inner-city or downtown), and at one point helping out with a block party. Then there's a lot of worship. Four days!

Yesterday I went to the fair with Genaro and Angel. It was fun... We went on rides (Zero Gravity = Awesome), and eventually found Kaity, who Angel and I hung out with for awhile (played BS).

I'm sorry, there just isn't anything interesting to write about. As soon as there is, I'll be here, in front of my computer!

EDIT: For your entertainment purposes:

Cinema Bizarre's new music video, 'I Came 2 Party' (featuring Space Cowboy, who is awesome)!
It really grows on you. I was a little disappointed at first (it's so different from their old stuff!), but now I'm listening to it over and over and dancing in my chair.

I came to party, you came to party, so why don't we party togetherrr


Muse of Randomness said...

I loved the Zero Gravity, I went on it at Buckwheat Festival last year... Too bad we don't have many fairs out here...

I'm going up to Michigan sometime in August, but I don't think near Detroit or anything... Have fun while you're there, though! :3

Seventeen said...

We usually have about three fairs out around here, but only two of them are any good (and one is a little far away, I think).

Oh, cool, where in Michigan will you be? And thanks! ;P

Muse of Randomness said...

I will be in Morenci, I think. We're staying with relatives in Ohio, though.