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Okay, so I found this meme, but it was just a few-word-questions, few-word-answers, thing. So I wrote it out nicely to make it better. :3
(I'm sorry it's so long!)

Feel free to steal it.

Instructions: Choose a limit of five of your original characters, and have them answer the following questions.

1. Andii
2. Timothy
3. Fox
4. Cyan
5. Aldrik (he is a vampy, by the way.)

01. Please state your full name.
Andii: Andrea...... She hasn't given me a last name. It's very insulting. >_<"
Timothy: ...Timothy Green.
Aldrik: I'm just called Aldrik now. I've dropped the last name, and I do not want anybody to call me by it. Not that there is anybody alive that knows it.
Fox: Fox Nightengale!
Cyan: Cyan Nightengale. ;)

02. Who's your best friend?
Andii: Erica, of course! We've been BFFs since age.... Six? Eight? I dunno, it's been awhile!
Aldrik: I don't have any friends.
Timothy: Neither do I. Andii: How depressing, you two!
Timothy: I'm.... Sorry? No, I really am not. I don't want any friends, they're just a hassle.
Aldrik: -GLARE- Be quite! Humans are so loud...
Cyan: (rolls eyes) My best friends are Andii and Erica and Fox.
Fox: ....And the same for me, I guess. I'm the closest with Cyan, but he's my brother, so that doesn't totally count, you know?
Cyan: Yeah, I don't really have a BFF, like Andii would say, that is not family. (I love my friends, though!)

03. What's your sexuality?
Fox: Wtf?
Andii: Um... I think we're all straight Well, not sure about Cyan... But the rest of us are.
Cyan: I am not gay!
Andii: Yeah, yeah, you've been saying that ever since I've met you.
Cyan: You're the only one who has ever questioned my sexuality!
Fox: Yeah, um, moving on...

04. What's your favourite colour
Aldrik: I like red.... And pale yellow. (Me: Hmm.... Reminds me of soooomething....)
Fox: Red is good. I like red, too.
Andii: I like bright colours! Bright, happy, neon colours.
Timothy: I like green and blue.
Cyan: Oh, blue, like that jacket you always wear?
Timothy: It's a button-up shirt, and yes.
Cyan: Well, people always assume that my favourite colour is blue, like my name... It's kind of been assigned to me, but it's not my favourite. I'm not sure what is my favourite. I guess I don't have a favourite colour.

05. So, what's your relationship status? ;D
Andii: *cough* Um, single, as of now. But not for too long! Believe me, I'm working hard on this!
Timothy: Single.
Andii: Really, Timmy? Have you ever had a girlfriend? I mean, you're a pretty good looking guy, and some girls really dig that angsty, bad-boy thing.
Timothy: I had a girlfriend a few years ago, but it didn't work out.
Andii: Well, it's all a matter of time of when you'll hook up with.... *sees Timothy's expression* Um..... Yeah.... Never mind.
Aldrik: I'm never going to allow myself to fall for someone again.
Fox: Waiting for the right girl...
Andii: You go, Fox!
Cyan: Yeah, um, like Fox is doing. Waiting.
Andii: What a depressing group we are! Two brokenhearted and three just plain single!
Timothy: I am not brokenhearted!
Andii: Yeah, yeah, whatever you say. We have to go on to the next question now!

06. What's your ideal mate?
Andii: Mmm, I like muscles, dark or blonde hair, blue eyes... Atheletic... Not dark, a good sense of humur...
Timothy: (She just described the exact opposite of me.) I don't have an ideal.
Cyan: Long hair's nice. And dark. Serious is nice...
Fox: Light hair, funny, doesn't care about her appearance (she won't wear much makeup if any), and yeah, a nice sense of humour.
Aldrik: I like pale, blonde.

07. Do you have any odd skills, or just any skills in general?
Timothy: I used to be a very fast runner.
Fox: Until your leg?
Timothy: Yeah.
Cyan: If I asked what happened, you won't tell me, will you?
Timothy: Nope.
Andii: (spreads out arms) Aww, Timmy I'm sorr-
Timothy: If you dare try to hug me, I will beat you with my cane until you can't even remember your own name.
Andii: o.o *backs off*
Cyan: *cough* Well, (back to the question) I'm somewhat good at drawing. I enjoy it at the least.
Fox: No, you're very good. And I play basketball, but I'm not like really really good at it, so it's not really a talent.
Andii: I have no talents.... But I don't let that get to me. ;)
Aldrik: (silent)

08. Last Amusing Escapade
Fox: How about that time we tried to get that pizza?
Andii: Yeah, yeah, that was great...
Cyan: We should do that again....
Timothy and Aldrik: *have no idea what they're talking about*

09. What's your favorite food
Andii: Didn't we answer this in a different meme?
Timothy: Yeah.
Fox: Well, I haven't! ...I like pizza.
Cyan: Yes, I like pizza too.
Andii: I like fruits.
Timothy: Pasta's good.
Aldrik: I don't eat.

10. Do you have any crushes? (evil smile)
Everyone: SILENCE.
Andii: Er, um... I don't think anyone is going to answer this one...

11. How about your favourite music?
Aldrik: I don't keep up with the current styles of music... When I was human, all there was to listen to was what you now call 'classical,' and I hated that with a passion.
Andii: (that guy still freaks me out.) Um... Pop and hip hop and country.
Fox: Rock, pop, pop-rock...
Cyan: Pop. A little rock, but not much.
Timothy: I like punk rock and classical.
Andii: I think you're the only person who can handle classical, Timmy.
Cyan: Nah, I'm fine with classical.

12. What are your biggest fears?
Andii: That someday I will give into emotion and lose myself.
Fox: That's dark, Andii.
Aldrik: I have a few fears, but I do not want to share them.
Cyan: I'm afraid of how times will change as we grow older.... Not like how we might separate, but the world, and the people in it.

13. What is your biggest fantasy?
Aldrik: To figure everything out.... And to be human again.
Andii: Well, it involes a group of hot guys, bowties, some lotion.... No, no, I'm kidding! I'm not like that. Actually, right now I just want to get into a good college and fall in love. Maybe some kids...
Fox: To be a professional basketball player. But that's not realistic, I know.
Timothy: I'd like everything to go back to the way it was a few years ago.
Cyan: To sell some of my artwork and maybe become a professional illustrator.

14. Do you have any quirks?
Andii: I know Timmy does!
Timothy: What is that supposed to mean?!
Andii: Dude, you're like the rudest guy I know. That's a quirk, right?
Fox: I think Aldrik has that quirk, too...
Andii: Oh, right, I forgot about him! Okay, he is the rudest guy I know!
Aldrik: Escuse me?
Andii: You heard me!

15. How about bad habits?
Andii: Did I mention the rude thing?
Timothy: Yes. =__=
Cyan: Fox likes to lock the bathroom door when he's brushing his teeth.
Fox: I like my privacy!
Andii: I tend to..... Talk a lot. >.>
Timothy: I'm pretty quick to resort to violence... Sometimes.
Andii: Pfft.

16. What is your biggest regret?
Timothy: I am not going into it.
Aldrik: And neither will I.
Andii: Well, I've reacted in some situations, in ways that I really wish I didn't, and I wish I could take it back.

17. Best kept secrets
Fox: I'm not going to answer that.
Timothy: Me neither.
Andii: Dude, your life is your best-kept secret!
Cyan: I have a feeling that no one's going to answer this question.

18. Worst sexual/romantic experience
Andii: Once I pushed a guy into a fountain on our first date.
Everyone: -STARE-
Andii: It was an accident! Needless to say, we didn't go out for a second date... I think he thought I had some secret agenda or something. XD

19. Biggest insecurity
Cyan: Sometimes I wonder if people truly like me...
Fox: *puts his arm around Cyan* You know I love you.
Andii: Sometimes I am like what Cyan said, but mostly I am worried about my appearance. Typical girl thing, I feel conscious about my weight sometimes.
Aldrik: My eyes.... I have scared kids without meaning to.
Timothy: I hate it when people stare at my leg.

20. Any last thoughts?
Andii: Well, this was fun!
Timothy: Well, this was annoying.
Andii: NO. Bad, Timothy, bad! It was fun. FUN. Say it. Say it was fun!
Timothy: No, I will not! You aren't used for these things often, but I get picked every single freaking time!
Andii: That means she likes you. That's a good thing.
Timothy: No--
Cyan: Well, yeah, thanks for reading, bye!

Now please tag peoples!
Nah. Whoever wants to do it, go ahead! I'd be interested to see what you write, though. =P


Muse of Randomness said...

I never realized Andii's name was Andrea... That's what Ali calls me... Lawl. Anyhoo, this comment could get long, as I am going along and writing things...

Cyan's sexuality: He denied being gay, but no one ever said anything about bi... Oh don't mind me.

TIMMY!! No beating up girls in the middle of the meme!! :O I am VERY disappointed in you!

Lol... "SILENCE."

Classical isn't too bad, actually... But a combo of punk rock and classical is kinda new there, Timmy...

Fox needs his privacy while brushing his teeth. Does he have really bad plaque/breath or something? O.o

... I relate to Cyan too much... I always think people lie when they say they enjoy my company and whatnot.

I'd do it if I could get enough OC's to use. ._.

Seventeen said...

Oh, wow, you read the entire thing! I'm relieved, it would stink if I did all that and no one read it! (But enjoyed it very much, whether it was read or not.) (Your comment made me laugh, by the way. ;D)

Yeah, her name is Andrea, which is kind of strange considering that I know about four Andreas. :/

Timothy is..... Timothy. I don't understand him or his musical tastes either. >.>

I relate to Cyan a lot, too.... Hmm... >_> Oh, and you really should try to do this! Even if you had less than five characters, I'm sure it would work fine (just don't let the meme police catch ya... ;P).