Thursday, 20 August 2009

SWARM is Awesome.

I guess I should write about this while it is still fresh in my mind, I still cannot fall asleep, and before I decide to just not post about it (like I often do).
I mentioned that I was going to an amusement park with my youth group (aka S.W.A.R.M.), right? Yes, I did. For awhile, actually, I was considering not going, but I am so glad I did!

Originally, I was going to be Kayla's ride partner, and Cody was going to be Zach's. (I cannot remember the rest of the groups because my mind is absolute mush right now.) So we went on the first coaster, and our groups were exactly like that.
Then after the first ride, the other Kayla and Kim and Zach went to go on the Log Ride and I tagged along. After that, we went on some other rides, and I pretty much just followed Zach around for the rest of the day. XD (Sorry, Zach!)

After lunch, everyone went to the waterpark.... Everyone except for me and Zach. We didn't feel like it... So we kind of wandered into the park, looking for someone to add to our group... Zach said it perfectly: "Two lost people just standing in the middle of a waterpark... And not only are two people, we are a boy and a girl." *cough* Let us refer to the rules of the trip, please: "You must be in a group of at least three or more at all times. Never one boy and one girl."
But we didn't find anyone, so I dragged Zach onto the Funnel of Fear. Todd found us after that (it was awesome, btw) and hinted, "You two should catch up with the others." Haha. But I don't think he was too worried about us. ;)

The wave pool was very fun. A number of people bled because of the rough floor, and it went on just a little too long, but it was fun at first! Quite refreshing. I'd love to be there right now!

Later Zach, Donny, and I went off to ride a few rides by ourselves. We had a heck of a time with the vending machines! Trying to buy an energy drink (Zach's Monster earlier was lost or drank while we were on the Funnel of Fear, and I think he wanted to see me hyper), the machine wouldn't accept our bills! But we found another one, that worked, and I smuggled the drink onto the Falling Star ride. You had to be there; it was funny! Donny was so against it, but Zach was cheering me on... I was fully prepared to blame it all on Zach if it spilled, but it didn't! (HaHA, Donny!) XD ...Like I said, you had to be there!

Well, that's pretty much it. I love trips like this so much! Hanging out with friends, creating inside jokes, just having fun.... I hope we do it again next year!


PS. Here's another hawt Cinema Bizarre photo... If anything, I know Muse will enjoy it! :D


Zach said...

XD greatest day of this summer... i miss it so much X[ but the following-me-around thing was quite alright! i enjoyed your company greatly! :D

Seventeen said...

Ah, good, I am glad to hear that! Love your new Blogger display picture, by the way. Soo sweet. :3

Zach said...

heh thanks ^^