Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm drinking this delicious slushie! I bought it from Marko's, I had no idea it would be this good! (Marko's= local gas station.) I filled the cup up mostly with strawberry, then about an inch of lemonade. So good!

Like I mentioned last post, I started art lessons yesterday. Yes, it was great. I was the only one in the class, and I was able to draw on an easel for the first time! I honestly thought it would be really hard, but it wasn't! He was a little surprised that it was so easy for me, I guess it's usually harder for other people?
He was also kind of surprised at my ability to draw, too.... Heheh. *nervous laughter* His words were (when I turned around when he was laughing behind me), "I'm sorry.... I'm just not used to... Ability."
It's only been one lesson, but I have learned some things already! Mostly about the charcoal. Used charcoal for the first time. ^^ ...I kinda sucked. Heh. Just because I used really dark lines, my hand kept brushing against me lines and erased/smudged them, and I jumped right into detail rather than sketching it out really lightly first. But if anybody wants, I'll post a picture of my charcoal drawing here. But only if someone says something. ;) I'm most certainly not spamming deviantART with my first-craps.


Muffin Panda Plushie said...

I'd like to see your charcoal drawings =)

Seventeen said...

Haha, alright. :D

Zach said...

Moi aussi! :D (Me too! :D)