Thursday, 27 August 2009

My First Bubble Experience

Yesterday was I had my first bubble tea experience.
It was.... Awesome.
Zach picked up one for me when he went to Bubble Island with his girlfriend. I am so grateful! It was taro flavour. My first thoughts were something along the lines of, "Hmm... This is interesting... Reminds me of soy... I think I like this... This is good!" Then I sucked up a mango star and scared myself. XDD

After youth (because this all happened at church), people kept asking me what the heck my drink was. I tried to explain it to Rachel and Kayla, and they were both like, "Uh, okay..." Todd took a sip of it, and I just love his reaction! "Huh... Wow... This is-- Wow! No, I-- this is-- Wow!" (Kayla also had a sip, and her reaction was just, "That's.... Interesting....")
I still want to go to Bubble Island for my birthday, though. Of course! I'll probably invite my best friend and we can just hang out, maybe go shopping.... I hope she's home that day... It's Thanksgiving weekend...

Sims 2 University finally came in the mail (after three weeks!), so I'm gonna go try to install that onto my computer. I hope there's enough room!

Oh, here are those drawings I promised:

The first one is pencil, the second charcoal.


Zach said...

very good with the charcoal :]

Seventeen said...

Thank you. ^^ (Even though I disagree. ;P)