Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Wow, my third post this month.
Gomen nasai!

Hopefully I'll feel more like blogging when school starts back up.
(Not like anyone has commented since July...)

I made an account on LingoFriends. It's a great website! You can chat with people from different countries that speak different languages and share knowledges on the languages!
I've been instant messaging this boy from China since last night, woke up early this morning so I could catch him before he went to bed. (Exactly 12 hours ahead of me!) I don't want to learn Mandarin right now, but someday I do. Right now I'm concentrating on German (I also talk to a German boy on LingoFriends, but we haven't exchanged email addresses).

So apparently the Farmer's Picnic (this tiny celebration thing with a parade and booths in the park my town has... It's tiny, but the highlight of our sad little lives) is this Saturday, and I'm busy all day. (Haircut -w00tw00t- then a birthday party.) Darnit!

So, hey, there's a new poll! Go vote NOW before I unleash my vamps on you! Please vote. Thank you! :D

Okay, you guys need to listen to this song. Plushie can testify, it is awesome (when awesome = worthy of awe :D).


Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Yep, that song is Plushie certifide, trust me, that will be huge when I take over the world.

Anonymous said...