Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Invader Zim @ Chuck E. Cheese!

Okay, watch that video. Now.

As I mentioned, I went to my uncle's Sun-Mon 'cuz my aunt was having a baby. (It was a boy! He's beautiful!)
On Sunday, the day before the c-section, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's for my uncle's three-year-old daughter. I was just kind of standing there... "Where's Sco-- OMIGOSH, that's ZIM!" I was absolutely fascinated by this game! I took at least three videos! (This is my favourite because my uncle (or was is my brother?) was playing as Zim in the Irken world! ...After we went back to his house, I watched the Invader Zim DVD I brought. XD

I know, I totally forgot to write about Wintergirls by LAnderson in my last post. (Anybody notice that the title of that book was in the title of the post but the post failed to even mention the book?) Well, I don't really feel like writing a review right now... I've moved on from that book to FADE (the sequel to WAKE!), so yeah, it's probably not going to happen. But if you'd like to mosey on over to this blog, my friend did write a bit about that book. If you're interested.

Reading: FADE and the artist's comments on dA.
Watching: Eddie Izzard
Listening to: This Town by Lillix (Love Lillix!)

EDIT: Some more IZ epic-ness!

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