Monday, 14 September 2009

The History of Shit.

Anyone know a safe and trustworthy site or store where I can buy coloured (red or purple) contacts?

In Physical Science Mrs. C broke off from her lecture on the Scientific Method to talk about.... Shit.
Yep. A teacher talked about swearing. And did it herself multiple times.
I thought it was pretty cool.
She said, "Shit really isn't a swear word... Technically, swearing is using the Lord's name in vain." And cursing is (actually, Damien said this one) just saying any word in an angry or offensive manner.
And I agree. Doesn't mean that I'm going to go about using those words (I do say "damn" and "hell" sometimes), because saying them excessively usually makes people sound trashy. Or trying too hard to sound "cool."

They (both Damien and Mrs. C) went on a lot longer. The whole discussion was probably at least five minutes long! Most of the time it was like this:

Mrs. C: My mother didn't even know what 'eff' was until my sister said it when I was seventeen. Then it was like she could only go a small amount of time without saying it!

D: And, I mean, it adds emphasis! What seems better? 'That's sweet,' or 'that's effing sweet!'
Mrs. C: Well, as a teacher, I almost want to say that you should go improve your vocabulary if 'eff' is all you can come up with.
(He agreed with her. xD)

Lunch is a bit boring. Fetus usually sits with us for the first half, then wanders off. Chelsie stole Kaity's wallet (she carries too much money for school!) for a bit, but we did give it back. :/ (But no, seriously, when you're friends with the klepto, you don't carry around $50 in such an easy spot to find! And I'll probably be killed if I don't add a disclaimer: Chelsie steals, but she always gives it back. >.>)

Reporting on school kind of bores me. Did I mention that my name in German class is Jutta? I think I'm going to go study the pronunciation notes I took in class today... Need to get those umlaut letters down!

[[ich heisse Jutta]]


Zach said...

Well we just took a test in bio *yes p-town takes bio sophomore year; you guys and your tris... heh that rhymes...*

but that's very interesting... when you say "eff" do you mean "eff" or "F@#!"?

but i think the most i ever do is just say "pissed" and on occasions when i almost die, a few others.

Seventeen said...

-.- Weirdos.
It's not our trimesters, our school is just really weird. Last year maths went "alegebra I, geometry, algebra II," now it's "algebra I or prealgebra II, algebra II, geometry." They keep switching them around!!!

When I say "eff," I mean that they actually said "eff," but they meant "F@#!"

You haven't nearly died recently, have you? ;_; (You must work on this, boy. ;D)

Zach said...

lol gotcha, and wth is prealgebra II? for us it goes alg, geo, alg II, pre calc, calc but i got my alg credit in 8th grade so i'm in alg II. we got rid of FST so i'm screwed... v_v

and no i have not nearly died lately... not really anyways... lol and i'm trying to work on it! XD

Seventeen said...

What's FST?
I have no idea what prealgebra II is. -.- Some new class, I don't even know if it's supposed to come after algebra or after prealgebra! Gaaah.

Ah, good! ;D