Thursday, 10 September 2009

We Really Just Don't Care.

School. Yup. Started today. UGH.

Crappy things that happened today:
► Woke up at 5:30, only to wait in my driveway for 40 minutes for the bus.
► The bus is filled with annoying freshmen and sophomores. (I can't stand the sophomore class! Well, most of 'em.)
► None of my friends ride my bus! Last year we had the perfect mix of high schoolers on the bus. This year... None of 'em! Well, okay, one. But that goes in the "good things" list.
► Couldn't find my earbuds, so I couldn't blast my iPod to block out the shallow and stupid things teenagers talk about on the bus.
► Was late for school, and didn't get any time to put pictures up in my locker.
► Didn't have any classes with any of my Junior friends (not that I really expected to).
► Cafeteria isn't finished (my school is being renovated).
► The best part of my day: I was seated next to the huge map on the wall in Economics. I was very excited, knowing that I would be studying this map for most of the class everyday! I had just started to search for McDonald island when somebody called to my attention that I had read the seating assignment sheet wrong... My seat was completely on the other side of the room. TT__TT

Good things that happened today:
► Damian's the only person (that matters) who rides my bus. Yay... I guess? I never really talked to Damien.
► He (Damien) is also in my German class, which is cool. He sits right behind me. He has been acting quite friendly lately. :/ (LOL)
► My new Deutsch name (for German class) is Jutta. Pronounced "you-tah," if I am not mistaken. I love the German pronounciation of "J"!
► There's an exchange student from Spain (her name is... Gah, I can't remember! The beginning of the name is "Lucy," but it continues on, like Lucille, but I don't think that's it). Her locker is directly next to mine, she's in my German class, and she ate lunch with us. ^_^
► Intro to Art looks promising.
Unwind came in for me in the mail today!

Well, all in all, it was a pretty miserable day. When I pick it apart it really does not seem that bad, but it's the people. I cannot stand the people! I can't wait for church, when I can talk to people I actually like!
(Well, I have friends at school of course, great friends... But also, I haven't really talked to Kayla or Sabrina or Zach lately... Hopefully I'll be able to do that at the regular church service, or probably the Outpouring Service? Speaking of which, I may be helping out in childcare then, if a lot of people come! Cool! I'll miss the service, --which was amazing last year-- but it'll still be fun to help out with the kids.)

I used a picture of Youji and Natsuo at the top of this post because it needs a little cheering up. And who better to do that than the male Zero team from Loveless?!
(Hey. If you haven't read Loveless, go do that. Now. And I mean read it. Don't you go near that anime! The manga is sooo much better.)

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Muffin Panda Plushie said...

Haha!! Yes, I sat next to that map too! Thats where I learned about McDonalds island and all them! And I hate my bus >.< We go by your house to get into town too! XP