Friday, 25 September 2009

What a Creative Title!

I felt pretty crappy today. Angel and I were starting to get a cold, but it hit me harder than her. Today was so long! A miserable day that just didn't want to end. I nearly fell asleep in a few classes. :D
Econ (my last class) was a bit more interesting because 1) we watched a video with John Stossel, and 2) Mica thought that Kiro was a girl. XDD

Then I got on the bus and my brother was wearing my trench coat. O.O"

Oooh! I want to go to the NYC Anime Festival now. u.u But I can't! Why do I want to go, you ask? Not for the reason you would think. Not for the anime (well, okay, kinda)!
Look at this Guest List.
Now scroll down, scroll down... Do you see it? No, of course you don't. You have no idea who I'm talking about!

Yui Makino

"She also made her debut as a voice actress, starring as Sakura in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle..."

For those of you who have been living in a metaphorical cave, Tsubasa is my favourite manga ever! (Well, okay, it's tied with Loveless. And Kino no Tabi isn't a manga, so it naturally beats that (the best anime ever).

And then Sarah Baily, the English voice actress for Tohru in Fruits Basket!
And, of course, Scott Westerfeld!
And I'm gonna miss it!

Monday starts Spirit Week, if I am correct. I do not usually participate in Spirit Week, but 'Fake an injury day" is too good to pass up! =D I'm gonna see if I can make an eyepatch. Then I'll probably wrap my arms in bandages or something. Problem is, I don't want to waste my real bandages. I haven't cut myself (in the shower!) recently (I have a huge problem with that. I don't know what it is!), but I don't want to be caught with blood dripping down my legs and nothing to bandage it with!
I'll find something. Maybe that wrap that sports girls use as headbands.
Also, I need elastic string... (For the eyepatch.)
I'd wrap my head, but it seems that a lot of people will be doing that. ^^;

Ah, I feel much better!


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