Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sad Day for Happiness In This Crazy World.

I love Cinema Bizarre so much.

It's a sad day for happiness
in this crazy world
It's a crazy world
so all we can do is be
a little crazy to save today

Touch the button
you should sit and listen
Watching as a tear
rains into a broken heart

I'm in a really good mood.
Listening to Cinema Bizarre's new album (ToyZ) on YouTube, thinking about making pancakes, and happy that I'm going into town with my friends today to buy fabric. ^-^
I feel a lot better than last night, but I keep blowing my nose.

So I think I might pierce my ears again? This time second holes on my lobes. That should be a lot less painful than the cartilage piercings I usually do.

I really miss last year, when Pop*Polka and Lizzie and Muse would comment! It's not just about the comments, though, Polka and Lizzie haven't updated their blogs in forever. I haven't even talked to Polka in months. :(( I miss her.

A'ight, I'm gonna see if I can walk to the library. <3

(I am Angel's Ghostie! =D)


Muse of Randomness said...

Ahhhhh! Muse is here! Sorry, I've been a lazy bum as of late. Not to mention life feels chaotic. But I'm here! And will attempt to stay!

It's been like there's nothing to say as of late.

Would it be weird of me to say that this song reminds me of Sesame Street?

Seventeen said...

Haha, no, it's okay. :D I was mostly thinking about how I miss how we all used to converse... Where did Polka go?! D:

...Yes. I believe that would be quite odd. How the heck?!

Muse of Randomness said...

I don't know where she went... But she left us! D:

I don't know why, but right at the beginning, the music made me think of Sesame Street. So I started relating everything about it to Sesame Street.